Off to Give a #WildlifeTalk Today – #FloridasFantasticOwls – #DeBaryHall

Heading out shortly to get set up for today’s wildlife talk at the beautiful DeBary Hall Historic Manor. Due to the pandemic restrictions and my own health issues, I’ve only done a few talks in the last three years, so I’m feeling a bit rusty, but I suspect that will go away as soon as I see some smiling faces coming through the door. I do plan to schedule only one a month for the foreseeable future, as doing 24 talks a year (as I did for several years) is going to be a bit more than I want to take on again. So, I’ll be at the Enterprise Museum one month and at DeBary Hall the next. We’ll see how that works.

For those who might be interested in birds, we have five species of owls native to Florida, and every one of them is a beautiful, fascinating creature. And for those who might be in the area, all the talks are free, no reservations required (except for luncheons).  

Just wanted to let you know why I won’t be around much, if at all, today, but we have a great week coming up, with another super fun #TenThingsPost on Wednesday.  See you later! 

DeBary Hall Historic Mansion

39 thoughts on “Off to Give a #WildlifeTalk Today – #FloridasFantasticOwls – #DeBaryHall

  1. I would love to attend your nature talks and especially today’s. Owls are captivating. We regularly see the Great Horned Owl, and it’s awe-inspiring. Enjoy every moment with your friends and admirers, Marcia. Sending hugs… 💕🤗💕

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    • Great horned owls enjoy a huge variety of different habitats, and are spread from one end of this country to the other, and beyond. It’s always fun to see or hear one! And boy, I would have enjoyed having you in the audience, too! What fun that would be! 😀


    • Owls are one of my favorite talks, Mae, second only to snakes, believe it or not. 😀 I love doing this talk, and the audience seemed to have a great time, too. (I can tell because they laughed in all the right places! 😀 )

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  2. I know that both you and your audience will have had a great time and I just wish I could join in! Once a month where it’s a pleasure to do is much better than doing more than that and turning it into something that puts the pressure on and takes some of the shine off it. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • I think you’re right, Trish. I want to get back “into the game” and do the things I love, but not to the extent that I wear myself out. I have to be reasonable about it. This talk went great, though, and I SO enjoyed being back at it again. 😀

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    • I don’t have an “official” wildlife/birds/nature type blog these days, but I do mention our wildlife now and then. In fact, I’ve been thinking of adding a new series here on TWS called Wildlife Wednesdays, to run maybe twice a month or so. It would definitely feature birds, including owls, as well as other animals that make their home in Central Florida. I’m glad you’d be interested in something like that, and I’ll be sure to announce it as a new feature when I get it going. (I’m running way behind of late, so not sure when that will happen, but hopefully before too long.)

      Thanks for your interest, and I wish you could attend the local talks, too. That would be fun! 😀 Thanks for stopping by today. 😀

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