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Good Morning, Folks! Hope this Wodin’s Day finds you doing well and enjoying life. We are having some cooler weather here in central Florida, with temps in the 50s this morning, so a very nice change! I do have some news to share today, as applies to everyone’s health in general and mine, in particular. 

Most of you know by now that I have had  LONG COVID since February, but what you may not know is something I read a few days ago:

LONG COVID is NOT just an annoying and/or painful interruption to your day. It can also cause damage to your heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, and other organs.

This has now been proven to be the case, and having your doctor(s) monitor your health is highly recommended if you are experiencing any of the typical LC symptoms . (Extreme fatigue, brain fog, palpitations, dizzy spells, numbness, trouble breathing, etc, etc, etc.)

Yesterday, I saw my new cardiologist for the first time, and we discussed this at length. It turns out the last imaging done of my heart by my old cardio doctor (which I never got any results from as  it was lost in the shuffle of insurance changes) had finally been sent to my new doctor. For the first time in more than twenty years of annual testing, it was NOT good. I definitely have heart damage that has occurred during the last month or two, and he feels certain it’s from the LongCovid.

There has been a thickening of the inner wall of my heart, which has caused the opening of the aorta to narrow and restrict full blood flow to my body.  At present, he has prescribed a heart medication to help with blood pressure and in preventing a heart attack. Proper hydration is also critical, so he has cut back the dosage of the diuretic that I’ve been on for years in conjunction with my thyroid medication. (I’m only sharing all this because it might be helpful to some of you who have similar issues.)  

BOTTOM LINE: I now have permanent damage to my heart which we are working to manage. I feel sure we can do that. BUT … and this is the bigger problem … until the LONGCOVID finally disappears, it will continue damaging my heart and possibly even attack other organs, too.  

Please, everyone … if you have LONG COVID, be sure your doctors are watching out for any damages it might do to you, especially if you’ve had it for longer than a few weeks. 

I’m now supposed to “take it easy, rest and relax, and only do things I feel I can do without tiring myself out.” I was already cutting WAY back on my blog posts for the last part of this year, thinking a bit of a break would mean I’d be able to focus on my WIPs. Now I will likely be cutting back even more, and definitely will not be overtaxing myself!

I still have one more guest post coming up, and I’ve scheduled some other things ahead so you’ll still have some fun posts to look forward to. (ThorsDaySmile, Granny Says, and a few bits of poetry shared here and there). I will respond to comments on those as I’m able, but don’t worry if I’m not here nearly as much as before all this came about. First and foremost, I WILL follow my doctor’s instructions, and then we will reassess in 30 days to see how the new medication is working, and if there is evidence of new damage. I’ll know more then, and will post an update. (Hopefully a good one!)

In the meantime, PLEASE STAY SAFE, you guys! You are ALL very important to me, and I don’t want to see any of you going through issues of this kind! Remember:



24 thoughts on “-#HealthUpdate – #LONGCOVID – #NewInformation

  1. I’m so sorry to learn that you have permanent heart damage due to Long Covid. Receiving this news from the cardiologist must have been difficult to hear and wrap your mind around. Thank you for sharing this important information. It needs to get more publicity by the news media than it’s gotten so far. People really need to take Covid seriously. I hope better days lie ahead for you soon.

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  2. I’m so sorry you’re going through all this, my friend. Thank goodness your cardiologist spotted the damage and can offer some help going forward. Take all the time you need and look after yourself. Huge hugs and love and healing thoughts 💕🤗💕💖

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  3. This is devastating news and if it’s shocked me, I can’t begin to imagine the impact this must be having on you. At least you have a cardiologist on your case who can see the situation and is taking steps to fight it. You do need to put your health first and everyone here can understand that. It can be tiring simply responding to comments and so I’d rather you didn’t and that you saved your strength to focus on fighting this beast. It also seems that the best way to fight Long Covid is to give in, stop fighting and just look after yourself. We’ll all still be here when you’re over it and we can rejoice together then. Lots of love and healing through the ether, my lovely friend. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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  4. Oh, Marcia, you have struggled so long with this COVID crap. I’m so sorry this has been added to it. I will say prayers the medication works and you finally get rid of Long COVID altogether.

    Your health needs to be your primary concern, so definitely heed the advice of your doctor. Hopefully, when you go back in thirty days it will be to a good report.

    Sending you plenty of love, hugs, and prayers, my friend and Penderpal! 🤗❤️💕🤗

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  5. I was so hoping to hear that your Long COVID symptoms had abated, so I’m really sorry to hear that it’s caused permanent damage. But, as you said, you’re taking all the precautions you can to keep it from getting any worse, so hopefully your next update will be good news. Thanks for sharing this vital information that could be of use to so many others. Keeping you in my prayers.

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  6. Well, this news sucks. 😥 I will continue to send healing energy your way. Your doc said to take it easy. I don’t think that means to stay cooped up in the house. I hope you get outdoors and allow the sun and nature to be a part of your wellness routine. I lean toward the holistic end, so may I suggest perhaps finding a holistic doctor in your area, not to replace your cardiologist but to supplement what he suggests with health -fortifying vitamins and minerals? Your cardiologist is treating your illness, but I’m a firm believer you also need someone to support your wellness. Just a thought… Wishing you health and healing, my friend! XO 🙂

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  7. Wow, that truly sucks, I’m so sorry your results showed permanent damage, and I hope and pray the meds can stave off any further deterioration ❤
    Scaling back on things is inevitable, I think, as we get older – we no longer have either the excess energy, or, indeed, the amount of time left to us, and I've always been in awe of how much you could cram in before this insidious disease got you in its unrelenting grip.
    Take it easy, my friend, and don't be disappointed that you need to. I'm sure Granny would tell you the same.

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