#HurricaneIan – And Here It Comes!

Tonight will tell the tale, folks! Florida is going to feel the impact of Hurricane Ian starting after midnight, and the latest NOAA info indicates it is going to come directly across Tampa and over us in central Florida. In fact, it is going to pretty much going hit every portion of the state at some level or another. They have even predicted flash floods in central Florida, especially along the rivers, though so far, we haven’t been asked to leave. Frankly, I wouldn’t want to be caught on the highway when the winds and rains really start pounding.

I will post again (maybe) as it gets closer then check in with you after it’s all over, if we have power and internet service. That’s a BIG “if!” They are now calling Ian “The Storm of the Century” for the Tampa Bay area. It appears it will be the worst hurricane to hit that part of Florida in over 100 years, unless it loses strength. Believe it or not, that can still happen. Last night, it was a Category 4 storm and now that it is pounding Cuba, it has dropped to a “mere” Category 3, so we can continue to hope it lessens more.

Thanks for all your kind comments, and sending love and prayers and positive thoughts to everyone in the path of this destructive storm! Hope to see every single one of you safe and sound on the other side!


17 thoughts on “#HurricaneIan – And Here It Comes!

    • I echo the others here in hoping that it loses strength before hitting land, and that the damage to people and property is minimal. Take care, my lovely friend, and know that I’m thinking of you. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Gwen, you can breathe easier about Miami, I think, as the storm is not predicted to cause a lot of trouble there. But I hope your half-brother and family have taken the mandatory evac orders seriously. The Tampa Bay area is expected to have a major storm surge (wall of water) sweep through a big portion of it. I will send them some extra prayers! We have prepped as best we can with generator, batteries lamps, food, and other stuff we might need, so hopefully, we’ll come through this one okay. Will touch base again later, if we don’t lose internet. 🤗🤗🤗


  1. This one looks pretty brutal. It’s hard not to put myself in your shoes and those of other friends. Maybe by some miracle, it will change paths.


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