#This&That&TheOtherThing – #Wind&Rain&Hurricanes,OhMy! – #Updates!





WARNING: Ian has become a “major” hurricane as it heads toward Cuba, which will likely take a severe hit. As with all hurricanes, figuring out where it will go after that and at what strength is always tricky, but the above map shows the currently predicted path. We live roughly a bit southeast of the “L” in FL.

Currently, we are in the yellow/orange band range, so 30-40 mile winds, MUCH better than 110 & above that some areas might get. BUT, 1) the path can change, and 2) that has no bearing on the amount of torrential rainfall we’ll get, or any resulting flooding afterward. We’re far enough inland that flooding isn’t USUALLY an issue for us but you never know, and folks on lakes or rivers are sandbagging as a precaution.

Truthfully, every single thing on the map could change several more times between now and the Tuesday/Wednesday arrival predictions. I just wanted to let you guys know that it is entirely possible I may disappear totally for a couple of days. Or not. But honestly, even if we don’t get hit terribly hard here in the middle of the state, we are likely to lose power at some point. And while our generator will keep our refrigerator/freezer going, power the microwave for meals, and keep the little a/c in the bedroom going at night so I can sleep (all at one time, I might add), it will NOT be sufficient to keep my computer going, nor the internet connection safe if the power goes.


Today, we will be taking down the gazebo canopy and stashing all loose objects that could become lethal flying weapons, so I probably won’t be online much. But having said all of the above, we’re still hoping this storm dies a lonely death in the middle of the Gulf without impacting anyone’s life or home. With any luck, we’ll come through it all just fine, as I hope EVERYONE in the potential path will!

I’ll continue to touch base if and when possible, and update you on what’s going on when I can.  And I HOPE I’ll be able to respond to Jaye Marie and Mike Allegra’s Tuesday & Wednesday posts this week. If not, I know you guys will enjoy each of them, regardless, and will be supportive as always! Thanks for that!

Thus ends my Public Service Announcement for The Day.
Thanks for your attention!
(As you were, folks!)

20 thoughts on “#This&That&TheOtherThing – #Wind&Rain&Hurricanes,OhMy! – #Updates!

  1. I keep watching the tracking models and they’re all over the place. Like you, I’m praying it changes course and fizzles or just shears off into the Atlantic. You stay safe down there, and update when you can. I have relatives in Fort Meyers and others outside of Orlando. I’m praying for everyone’s safety!

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  2. Good luck with Hurrican Ian! Hoping it won’t cause you too much trouble. Here in VA, we’re keeping a close eye on the storm, too, since we can potentially get something from it after it makes landfall, likely Friday into Saturday.

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