Don’t Forget: $.99 Sale on All #Riverbend Books – Last Six Days!

… to download your copies today! All three Riverbend books are still on sale for the ridiculously low price of $.99, so don’t miss out!

“Swamp Ghosts is an intriguing mystery filled with monsters, both on two legs, and four–or none at all.” – 5 Star Review

“Gut-Wrenching, Heartbreaking, and Soul-Warming!” – 5 Star Review

“Marcia Meara keeps the twists coming in this book! You think you have the story line figured out and BAM!!! A wonderful read!!!!!” – 5 Star Review

So there you have it, folks! Hope you’ll take advantage of this sale today, before they’re all gone. Oh, wait.  That’s right. These are eBooks. They’ll be around a long, long time–but NOT at this price!  😁 So run, don’t walk, right on over to Amazon and download your copies today! 

8 thoughts on “Don’t Forget: $.99 Sale on All #Riverbend Books – Last Six Days!

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