Have a Great Saturn’s Day!

indigo bunting bird perched amid greeneryIndigo Bunting
(Image found on Pixabay)

Hope everyone is set for a great weekend! I’m off to do a talk at one of my two favorite venues, the beautiful DeBary Hall. Today, I’m going to help folks learn to identify some of the less common backyard birds they might see visiting their feeders, including the gorgeous indigo bunting above. (And his even more gorgeous cousin, the painted bunting, surely a contender for the most beautiful songbird in the world.)

It’s so wonderful to have a safe place to get out once again to share some nature talks with folks in this area! I missed that more than anything else during the year I was pretty much in total isolation.  Between DeBary Hall and the wonderfully restored 1930s schoolhouse that is now Enterprise Museum, I have met some of the nicest people in the world. LOVE talking to them!

See you when I get back!

Photo of DeBary Hall Historic ManorDeBary Hall Historic Manor

13 thoughts on “Have a Great Saturn’s Day!

    • I did, Craig. Thanks! It was a great group, they asked good questions, and they laughed a lot (in the appropriate places.) Lots of fun to be able to share my love of Florida wildlife with groups like these. SO happy I’ve been able to get back to it this year, even with safety restrictions in place. I truly missed these talks in 2020. 🙂

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    • It is, Jan, and filled with history, too. I love giving talks there. Used to visit now and then long before I started these chats, just because it was fun to take the tour, and explore the manor and grounds. I’m so lucky with both of my main venues! And the staff at each of them are just wonderful, too. 🙂 And yes, my day was great, though I was feeling way more tired than usual by the end of the talk. I finally realized, I’m suffering some minor side effects from Tuesday’s vaccine. Slept most of today, and that’s really unlike me. But if this is as bad as it gets, I’ll count myself lucky!! 😀


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