#ReblogAlert – Two Great Posts to Take a Look At!

Sharing two great posts with you today. First, Staci Troilo’s final post in her Vonnegut’s Basic Plots series: Good News Bad News. This has been a super series, and you don’t want to miss this last segment!

Read Staci’s Post HERE

And the second post comes from John W. Howell, who is running a 3-day sale on his book, Eternal Road, the final stop. Great bargain for a great book. Head on over and check out this deal!

Read About John’s Sale HERE

8 thoughts on “#ReblogAlert – Two Great Posts to Take a Look At!

  1. I have Eternal Road waiting on my Kindle, and earlier today I watched the Vonnegut video clip at the end Of Staci’s post and I’ve bought Slaughterhouse-Five as a consequence!

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    • I read that years ago, Trish. Um … Slaughterhouse Five, not Eternal Road. πŸ˜€ About time to read it again. Vonnegut was always interesting, and this series of posts on his methods has been wonderful, hasn’t it? Glad you’re already set with Eternal Road, too! Thanks for stopping by today and letting me know.

      We are busy doing some jobs around the house today, but of course, nothing ever goes like you think it will. Mark went to install a new showerhead (something he’s totally capable of doing) and the pipe broke off IN the wall!!! He had to go buy all sorts of things, because the threaded part broke off, so he can’t screw another one IN until he gets that bit out. He has the proper tools for the job, but I’m guessing they aren’t working well, as I just saw him go down the hall with a little propane tank like we use on the gas grill. Eeeeeeeeek. I’m not even going to ask. 😨😱

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