Expansion Pack: The Return of Comedy

On Story Empire today, Craig Boyack returns to his “Expansion Pack” series, specifically with some super tips on how to use comedy in your writing. I found his examples to be excellent, and definitely plan to give a couple of them a try in my own work. Stop by to check it out, and you’ll see what I mean. And, as always, please don’t forget to pass it along far and wide so others can learn, as well. Thanks, and thanks to Craig for a fun, yet very informative post! 🙂

Story Empire

Hi gang. Craig here again with more comedy items you can plot out ahead of time. The last post was pretty popular, so why not a sequel. The previous post contained a list of traditional gags along with some examples you might be familiar with. You can read it here if you’re coming in during the middle.

I even have a wrap-up post planned that includes some items you don’t plan for, but that’s next time. Let’s jump into our list. Everyone loves lists, right?

Misplaced Optimism: This lands at that point of the story when all is lost. It’s the inspirational speech that gets the heroes back on their feet. You’ve all heard those wonderful speeches before.

Here’s how the gag works. After the heroes are in motion once more, someone says something like, “It all worked out for them, right?”

The speech maker says, “No, they all died…

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2 thoughts on “Expansion Pack: The Return of Comedy

    • My pleasure to share this one, Gwen. It was a fun and interesting post.

      Our temps have gone back up into the low 80s already, so no freezing here. But the cold snap damaged a lot of our plants, even thought it didn’t actually drop below about 36 degrees, and was over in 3 days. Lots more clean up for us to do, and we weren’t even finished with what we already had. Big job ahead, but hopefully, we’ll have our beautiful garden back again one day.

      I’m running behind on things again as I format The Emissary Trilogy for print. Got it done for Kindle, but want to wait until I can offer both formats before really putting it “out there.” Print is easier to format than Kindle, though, so I’m hoping to get it uploaded by Friday, if all goes well.

      How about your world, besides the cold? Hope all is well!

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