When You’re Stuck: WIP Staying Power

Mae Clair has a wonderful post on Story Empire today, entitled “When You’re Stuck: WIP Staying Power,” and I’m sure it will be of interest to many of you. Check it out to see some of Mae’s ideas, then join the conversation to let others know how you handle this sort of thing. (And of course, don’t forget to share far and wide afterward, too, thanks!) Also, my thanks to Mae, for such a super post! 🙂

Story Empire

Hi, SEers. Mae here today for my first post of 2021! I hope all of you had a spectacular New Year. Let’s hope 2021 is going to be FAR BETTER than the wretched mess that was 2020.

I’m going to start this post with a question, and it may seem like a strange one given we’re talking about new beginnings, but—how long do you stick with a problem WIP before abandoning it for greener pastures?

We’re all acquainted with the first flush of love for a new project—the excitement of jotting notes, working up character profiles, and choosing our setting. If you’re a plotter, you’ve worked out all, or most of, the details. If you a panster or planster, you have a general idea of where your novel is headed. Either way, you start with a bang like a racehorse bursting from the starting gate.

And… you’re off!

Riderless horse with racing saddle in full gallop

For a…

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4 thoughts on “When You’re Stuck: WIP Staying Power

    • My pleasure, Mae. I’ll be getting all caught up on my favorite blogs again now that my company has departed. (And I’m ALMOST done–after FIVE full days–of packing away Christmas! Eeep.) This was a fun post, and made me rethink how I normally approach things. Lots of folks will find it useful, too. 🙂

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    • Glad you enjoyed it, Jan. The SE posts are always very helpful I think, and you can’t go wrong with any post by Mae Clair, for sure! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, and then for checking it out. 🙂


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