How to Restart Stalled Creativity the Easy Way

A day late, but still very much worth checking out, folks. Have the events of this year impacted your creativity? I know they’ve done a number on mine, as well as my health. (Stress is NOT our friend.) Head right on over to Story Empire and read John Howell’s post on jump-starting your creativity. You’ll be glad you did. And lucky me–I have an entire shelf of Gary Larsen’s Far Side books to help with mine. πŸ˜€ After you’ve enjoyed John’s suggestions, please remember to share the post far and wide, thanks. And thanks, John, for reminding us that our innate creativity is endlessly renewable! Great post! πŸ™‚

Story Empire

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Hi, SEers, it is John with you again. The last couple of times, I have talked through some of the emotional sides of writing. I did a post on burnout and one on motivation. If you missed them, you can go Here and Here. This time I would like to discuss another topic that can put writing on a side rail. I’m referring to the absence of a story idea.

I think we have all experienced the situation where we sit in front of our computer or notebook, have coffee or whatever is the habit of the day, and have plenty of uninterrupted time. What we don’t have is a clear idea of where we want our story to go. For the pansters, there may not even be a story. This is when most of us tell ourselves we have lost our muse.

The loss of a…

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    • Gary Larsen might just be the funniest man alive. I was SO sad when he retired, but I guess he earned it. He made millions laugh for years! (To this DAY, I never drive by a pasture full of cows without wondering what they’re talking about, or what they were doing just before they spotted my car approaching.) πŸ˜€

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