Finding Balance

Slipping in under the wire here to share Joan Hall’s great post on Story Empire today, all about “Finding Balance.” Tricky for anyone, but somehow, even more so for many writers. Check out Joan’s helpful tips for ways to balance your job and personal life with your writing time. I’m sure you’ll find some ideas that will be of help you with that. I did! And don’t forget (as always) to pass this one along on your social media so others can benefit as well. Thanks, and thanks to Joan for some super ideas! 🙂

Story Empire

Hey, SE Readers. Joan with you today. This post is going to be short and (hopefully) sweet. Many writers and would-be authors around the world are knee-deep in NaNoWriMo.

While I chose not to take part this year, I have done it in the past. It’s not something you just decide to do. No matter if you’re a plotter or a panster, to succeed at this 50K word challenge, you have to plan and find the right balance to succeed.

NaNo aside, writers have to make time to write. Many of us hold full-time jobs. We have families. There are social events to attend. And unless you’re independently wealthy and can afford a house full of servants, there are a variety of household chores to do. Somewhere in all that, we need time to sleep. Is it any wonder we’re often lucky to have three or four hours per week…

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