Friday John Ku – TGIF and Marcia Meara Author of the Emissary Series

This morning, I’m over at John Howell’s blog, talking about angels in general, and Azrael specifically, just as I envisioned him for my Emissary trilogy. Hope you’ll stop by and say hello. Don’t miss John’s angelic John Ku (haiku) at the end. It’s perfection! And please consider sharing this one far and wide so others can enjoy it, too. Thanks so much, and thanks to John for hosting me today! It’s very much appreciated, my friend! 🙂

Fiction Favorites

I am so pleased to have Fellow Story Empire member and author Marcia Meara with me today. She is here to discuss Book Three of her Emissary Series.  Marcia the floor is yours. (Well, the walls too.)

Thanks so much for having me here today, John. I’m pretty excited to be sharing the news of my latest release with you and your followers, and I’d like to take a moment to chat about angels in today’s fiction.

I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but angels on book covers in recent years do not look like they did when I saw pictures of them in Sunday school. Nope. Not at all. For one thing, they aren’t wearing robes and carrying harps. Mostly, they’re bare-chested with those washboard abs that are so admired these days. This always leaves me wondering how they have time for typical angelic duties, what…

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5 thoughts on “Friday John Ku – TGIF and Marcia Meara Author of the Emissary Series

    • I was very happy to be your guest today, and even happier to pass it along to my friends here on The Write Stuff. Thanks so much for having me over, and I’m still LOVING that John Ku. So true, and it worked so well with my post, too. Honestly, I enjoy your haikus (is that the correct plural?) way more than I typically do. (I like LOTS of words, you may have noticed, and haikus don’t always catch my attention, but yours always do! Such fun!)

      Thanks again for having me over! 🙂

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