Update for Past #FirstLineFriday Winners

Help me out here, Folks, if you would. I know that several of my past #FirstLineFriday winners asked for their prize to be a download of my next Emissary tale, and that’s now officially out, as some of you may have seen. If you were one of the winners who requested a copy (download in the US, mobi file to those elsewhere), please drop me an email ( marciameara16@gmail.com ) and remind me. I do have records for every post, but it would take me some time to go through them all to get your names. 

This way, as soon as you email me, I’ll send your gift along to you, with my sincere hope you enjoy it. THANKS! (And hopefully, #FirstLineFriday will be up and running next week, fingers crossed.)

That’s all for now, Everyone. As you were! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Update for Past #FirstLineFriday Winners

    • Winners can request a download of any of my books, and a couple of folks had won several times and already had most of them. So they asked for a copy of TE3 when ready. So far, I’ve only heard back from one of them, and her mobi files have been sent. I do think there were at least two more, so I may end up going through my records after all.

      Stop by next Friday before 4:00pm EDT, and take a guess. (Guesses are free). If you’re right, you’ll win a download, yourself. 😀 I LOVE giving them away, and am always sorry when no one gets it right. Clue: they are a lot harder than you’d think, even with books that everyone is familiar with. People tend to blank out on anything other than “Call me Ishmael,” or “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” 😀 😀 😀 I know I do, too. Doh. 😉

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