To Pre-Order or Not – That is the Question. A Look at the Benefits of Pre-Order.

John W. Howell has gone into the pluses of doing pre-orders over on Story Empire today. If you’ve been dithering back and forth about doing them, you definitely should check this out, and his earlier post on the downside, too. Great info, here. Please remember to pass it along so others can learn, as well, thanks. And thanks to John for another informative and helpful post! πŸ™‚

Story Empire

Hi SEers. John, with you today. I would like to continue the discussion that I started last time.Β  (you can view it HERE) As you will recall (or not), I discussed some research I did on preorders on Amazon. I came to the conclusion that preorders unless you are a famous author, pretty much work against the idea of Amazon deeming a book worthy of promotion. That is because Amazon only promotes books that show steady sales and not peaks and valleys.

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Today I would like to point out the benefits of running a preorder.

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After all, like the sign implies, not everything in life is directed to the purpose of getting recognized by Amazon. There are several benefits of pre-order, so let’s dive in and cover them.

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Benefit One – Author sanity. When you set your book up for a preorder you…

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11 thoughts on “To Pre-Order or Not – That is the Question. A Look at the Benefits of Pre-Order.

  1. An excellent part 2 to John’s post. He makes some great points about taking off some of the pressure. I had a good preorder experience (I paired it with my trailer). Now we’ll see what happens as the book is live. Great share, Marcia.

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    • I thought so, too, Trish. I enjoyed both the first post detailing the cons and this one detailing the pros. I think I’ll stick with not adding pre-orders to my list of things to do, though I’m sure many folks will find them useful, especially the really big sellers. Thanks for stopping by and checking it out. πŸ™‚


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