28 thoughts on “#MondayMeme #MondayBlogs

    • You’ve got that right, Craig. Gary Larson has long been an idol of mine! To this day, I can’t pass by a field with black & white cows in it without wondering what they’ll say after we drive by. 😀

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    • You’re welcome, Teri. And see my comment to Craig above. 😀 Gary Larson is hands down my favorite cartoonist ever. I was very sad when he retired. Thankfully, he has quite a few collections out in book form, and some calendars and the like, so I can revisit his weirdly wonderful humor as often as I like. 😀 Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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    • So glad you enjoyed them, Mae. I’m trying to get at least a few of my blog features back up and running, and this is one that’s quick, easy, and usually brings a smile or two. Win/win/win. 😀 Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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    • Oh, FAR beyond satisfactory, Trish. It’s amazing, just as I hoped it would be. More trouble, more trauma, more Harry in dreadful pain and dire straights, more villainy, more horrible creatures, more beautiful creatures, more, more, more EVERYTHING! You’ll LOVE it, I think.

      Gary Larson was (and still is) my favorite cartoonist, ever. What a wonderful, twisty mind he had. I was heartbroken when he retired, but I guess 15 years and 20+ books was enough. For him, anyway. I would have kept on following him and buying his books forever. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, Trish, and taking a moment to comment. So glad you found some laughs. 🙂

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