Bucking the System

Ever worry whether your books are too long or too short? Afraid your word count might scare off some buyers? Join C. S. Boyack today on Story Empire and see how he and others answer that question. It’s a great post, and you might be surprised at some of the comments so far. As always, please consider sharing this so others can weigh in on the discussion, too. Thanks and thanks to Craig for making me think before I’ve even finished my first cuppa Earl Grey! Great post, Craig! 😀

Story Empire

Hi gang, Craig with you again. Today, I’m fighting with myself over some things I hold true in writing. I look at writing as a personal journey of improvement, and I can see that improvement from book to book. Here are the two mantras that seem to have found a way to be in conflict with each other. Then I’ll explain the conflict.

1.) A story should be as long as it needs to be.

2.) Never give them a reason to say, no.

Lisa Burton

Here’s the situation as it relates to word counts. I just finished a draft the morning of this writing that comes to 111,500 words. This is a fantasy book, and part of a series (Lanternfish), so the word count isn’t completely unacceptable. It might be a train wreck as a cozy mystery or something.

I have another series that’s dark humor with a target of around…

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