Settling down #amwriting #amrevising

How are your spirits holding up throughout all the turmoil going on around the world? If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, I recommend a visit to the Facets of a Muse blog. Julie Holmes has a terrific post today, full of positive ideas for ways to cope with the stress of it all, and find a calm center that might even improve your creativity along with your overall well-being. I know you’ll enjoy her post as much as I did, and hope you’ll consider sharing it far and wide so others can, too. Thanks, and thanks to Julie for such helpful and uplifting ideas! 🙂 ❤

Facets of a Muse

writing in a journal on the lawn
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

A lot of writers have been posting about how the pandemic and the quarantine have disrupted their writing. Despite spending so much time at home, they are having a tough time focusing. Heck, a lot of people have trouble sleeping. COVID dreams, anyone?

Now with the turmoil of the past couple weeks added on top of all that, settling down to write seems to be a losing battle. All of the things going on right now foster anxiety, fear, anger, and frustration. Then there’s the whole being cooped up 24-7 with people you love but honestly need a break from sometimes–erm, on a regular basis. 😀

All these things disrupt the flow of creativity, at least for me. Considering it’s been what, three months since the pandemic kicked off the quarantine, there’s been time to try different things to settle that creative energy enough to…

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