A Boy Named Rabbit (Wake-Robin Ridge #2) by Marcia Meara #bookreview #suspense #supernatural

Today started off on a super good note with a wonderful review of A Boy Named Rabbit by Teri Polen. Hope you’ll stop by her blog and check it out, and will consider passing it along, so others might learn more about this book, too. Rabbit will thank you, and so will I! And my heartfelt thanks to Teri for such a great review! 🙂 ❤

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“Evil’s comin’, boy…comin’ fast. Look for the man with eyes like winter skies, and hair like a crow’s wing. He’s the one you gotta find.”

The remote mountain wilderness of North Carolina swallowed up the ten-year-old boy as he made his way down from the primitive camp where his grandparents had kept him hidden all his life. His dying grandmother, gifted with The Sight, set him on a quest to find the Good People, and though he is filled with fear and wary of civilization, Rabbit is determined to keep his promise to her. When he crosses paths with Sarah and MacKenzie Cole, neither their lives nor his, are ever the same again.

The extraordinary little boy called Rabbit has the power to change the world for everyone he meets, and the resourcefulness to save himself from the one person his grandparents had hoped would never find him. His dangerous…

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11 thoughts on “A Boy Named Rabbit (Wake-Robin Ridge #2) by Marcia Meara #bookreview #suspense #supernatural

    • Aw, I’m sorry to hear that, Harmony! But if it’s any consolation, I still like you! 😀 Thanks for stopping by here and over at Teri’s, too! 🙂 ❤


    • Thanks, Debby. And thanks for sharing.

      If you tried to tag me, it wouldn’t have worked. I deleted my FB account a couple of weeks ago due to 1) so much spam and 2) the need to cut back on some of my social media stuff and get FOCUSED on finishing my WIP, which should have been published in March, but is still an incomplete draft! 😦 I might return one of these days, but honestly, the only thing I did on FB was share a daily meme or two, and I decided it was an easy time suck to do without. ( I have to say, I haven’t missed it so far.)

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      • Good for you! And hey, I hear you – My newest book has been sitting in finished first draft for 4 months!!!! Waiting for inspiration lol. Covid times are very disrupting to the mind. 🙂

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        • I agree, Debby. It has been so hard to focus, but I’m improving on that daily now, so I have high hopes I can wrap this draft up in another couple of weeks, and get my revisions done, so I can zap it off to my editor. It’s the 3rd novella in the Emissary trilogy, and until it’s done, I can’t combine the three and offer them in print, which I very much want to do. I’m still confined at home, so time won’t be an issue, as long as I feel well, and can push all the crapola of this stressful time out of my mind long enough to write. That’s my plan! 😀

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          • Good plan! And hey, we’re all stuck at home, lol. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t always something to do to interfere too, lol. Oooh, Ioved the Emissary series, looking forward to book 3! 🙂 x

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            • That’s great to hear, Debby! It WILL be along as soon as I can make it happen! 😀 Jake, Dodger, and Azrael have been so much fun, I’m going to miss them. I’ve already been getting requests to make it a series, but I think a 3rd series might be overkill. Sometimes you have to know when to wrap something up. Always a tricky call.

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