Character Archetypes: The Guardian

Craig Boyack has been running a series of posts on Story Empire discussing Character Archetypes. It has been most excellent, and I’ve saved these posts for future reference in my own work. The current archetype under discussion is the Guardian, and this is my favorite of the entire series, so far. Do yourself a favor and check it out. You’ll see what I mean. And as always, please remember to share far and wide so others can enjoy and learn, too. Thanks, and a big thanks to Craig for helping us all improve our writing skills! 🙂 ❤

Story Empire

Hi gang, Craig with you today. This is post number seven in the character archetypes series. In the Hero’s Journey, there are some common characters that are likely to show up in all stories. This doesn’t mean each archetype shows up in every story, and aside from the hero, the rest are kind of optional. Almost every story will have an assortment of them.

This series is to introduce you to them. Once you’re aware of them, you can decide if they can benefit the story you’re writing.

The Guardian has a few different names, the Threshold Guardian, the Gatekeeper, even The Wall. They all mean the same thing. This is another one that can be a character, but can also be a situation or a physical obstacle. Your hero cannot complete the task without conquering the Guardian.

It might be as simple as figuring out the bad boy who…

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