Karaoke At the Saddle Up Saloon

In a world gone crazy, or at least to keep yourself from going stir crazy, why not a virtual wild west saloon run by fictional characters? Something different, served fresh every Monday.


Karaoke Coming Soon! Come Crow and Croon at the Saddle Up Saloon

“Clever, Kid, but how we gonna manage thet? We ain’t set up fer sound.”

“I hear ya Pal, but it ain’t quite like that. Won’t be no actu’l singin’.”

“Then it ain’t actu’l karaoke, but okie-dokie, what’cha got in mind?”

“Figger on havin’ folks rewrite song lyrics ta a familiar tune. Ya know, like Weird Al.”

“Thet could work. Ya got a theme?”

“Nope. Jist keep it fam’ly frien’ly. Any tune, jist give credit an’ apologies ta the original a course. Then put yer lyrics and/or link right in the comment section fer the May 4thSaddle Up Saloon post. Or, if’n ya send somethin’ ta me c/o averydede.1@gmail.com afore April 30th, mebbe that’ll be right in the post!”

“So yer sayin’ ta pick a song, then put yer own lyrics ta it an’ come…

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4 thoughts on “Karaoke At the Saddle Up Saloon

  1. Thanks for sharing this invitation with us today, D. I do plan to stop by, but today is this week’s Day 1 of Mark’s new 4-day weekends, and things have a tendency to hare off in other directions. 😯 😀 Hope lots of other folks stop by, too. It’s a great idea! See you there (if the bridge don’t go, an’ the creek don’t rise.) 😀 ❤

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