No Pen, Will Travel

How do you take notes or keep track of your writing ideas? Check out Mae Clair’s post on Store Empire today, and find out how she does it. An interesting and eye-opening post for me, for sure. Hope you’ll pass it along for others to ponder, thanks. And thanks to Mae for making me realize something I hadn’t even though about before. 🙂 ❤

Story Empire

Hello SEers! Mae here to chat about what else—writing. We all have our favorite spots for composing. Mine include my den (especially in the winter because it has an electric fireplace), and sitting outside on the covered patio in warm weather. Occasionally, I might camp out at the kitchen table with my Mac or pack up and head to my local library where I’ve been known to peck away at keys for hours.

I used to take my Mac with me when my husband and I traveled. I had visions of possibly typing out a scene or two on my WIP in the evenings. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that just doesn’t happen, so now my laptop stays at home.

√But I’m a writer, and a writer always has to have a means of capturing inspiration. Even when I carted my Mac around, I kept a paper notebook handy…

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4 thoughts on “No Pen, Will Travel

    • My pleasure to share this one, Mae. Imagine my surprise to see that I am apparently the ONLY one (I think) who does not take notes while out and about, much less write them down on paper. I don’t use paper any more for anything other than sketching, not even grocery lists. (I keep a clear erase surface on the fridge for those and take a pic before I head to the store. Or email the pic to Mark these days, since I can’t go out.)

      Nope. No scribbled stuff on paper anywhere, for any book.

      I think part of it is because when I get an idea in my head, it does not leave. Mostly, EVER. (My head is crowded to the bursting point at times.) I DO start folders for Word docs on new books, and will type up a scene or maybe even the prologue, and save it there until I’m ready to begin actually working on the book.) BTW, just remembered I have several brand new journals that have been given to me over the years, and I’ve never used. I keep thinking I might start, but so far, they are just stacked on a shelf, leading unfulfilled journal lives. 😀 (Want to give them a new purpose in life?)


    • It’s funny how different we each are, but this is one area where you are definitely in the majority, Darlene. For the most part, ideas do not abandon me. They hang around in my head clamoring for my attention until I’ve brought them to fruition. Now, my memory IS getting worse, so that could change. But right now, it’s mostly names that are jumping ship. I can’t pull them up when I want to any more, and numbers, which I hate, anyway. I’ve never, EVER been able to remember dates, not even in school. Dates just don’t hang around. Not birthdays or anniversaries, and certainly not historical events. I’m always astounded when they announce “It’s been 25 years today since so-and-so happened” on the news. Time is liquid and dates are meaningless to my brain. But characters, scenes, story lines, and possible book topics are alive and well up there, screaming at me to get busy and tell the world about them. 😀

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