Saddle Up Fer M’fundays

Hello Marcia. As even Florida begins hunkering down in isolation, sheltering in place, and other such euphemistic terms for this fresh hell, ( to plagiarize Dorothy Parker), I wonder if you and your readers would like to know about a watering hole that has recently opened up just over the line from Carrot Ranch. There are no walls, the borders are permeable, no quarantines; all sorts of odd characters are welcome at the Saddle Up Saloon. In fact, it’s run by characters, and this week anyone”s characters are invited to run rampant. I think it’s fun, and have to wonder what Rabbit would think, that is if he were somehow let into a saloon. (I know his parents are protective of him, and they should of course accompany him.)
You and yours and all your readers are invited to bring their characters over for a pandemic-free virtual good time. It’s a two step to the saloon though- from here to there to there. Just two clicks away to a good time. (More info-intro at the first there.) Were ya’ll goin’ somewheres?


See that new widget just to the right? No, we don’t really look at the widgets, do we, and for all I know it looks totally different on your device. But my top widget is the graphic for the weekly Saddle Up Saloon feature at Carrot Ranch. If you click on that widget you will be transported to the Saloon archive page at Carrot Ranch. If you follow Charli Mill’s blog, or if you pay close attention around the blogosphere and surrounds, you will have noticed that Mondays are fun days at the ranch and that my Ranch Yarn mainstay characters, Kid and Pal, are running a saloon. Yep. Fiction is funner than facts and that’s the truth. New posts at the break of Monday, or midnight Sunday, your choice, but -ish either way.

The Saddle Up Saloon is a judgment free, pandemic-free zone, so come unmasked…

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3 thoughts on “Saddle Up Fer M’fundays

  1. It sounds like fun, D. and I will definitely be checking it out. I’m sorry it got knocked down today by my second in a Tuesday series on the upcoming release of Peace Talks, the latest Dresden Files book. (Big news at my house!)

    I’ll be sharing some things here weekly now on #TwoFerTuesday, so Thursdays would now likely be a better day for keeping news in the spotlight all day. But I’ll definitely pass the news along, and will stop by your blog shortly. It sounds like fun to me! BTW, Florida is way past the beginning of this mess. I’ve been in quarantine for more than six weeks, now, due to my age and several health factors. Saddle Up Saloon sounds like an excellent remedy! 😀 ❤

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  2. Oops, Sorry, Marcia, I probably should have checked. I will see about next Thursday for Saloon updates. Its a wild place and yes, meant to be a remedy and a respite.
    Oof, six weeks. But so important for you to be mindful of your health. I am in week five, sheltering in place and working from home which is too bad- I had been working so hard at not bringing my work home. Can’t win.
    It’s good to see you more active here in the ‘sphere and I hope you continue to recuperate and be well.

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    • Thanks so much, D, and don’t worry about posting today. I just want you to get the most “air time” possible when you have something good to share. If you give me a heads up, I can let you know which day is best, but it’s not a big deal. I’m slowly returning to more blogging, but keeping it easy until I feel 100%. I’m glad to hear you’re safe at home, too. Please stay that way, and stay WELL, my friend! 🙂 Oh, and yes, next Thursday will be a good one as far as I know for you to post a Saloon update, if you like. When I do anything on Thursdays, it’s usually just Thor’sDaySmiles, and nothing big or hugely important. If I see something from you, I’ll either skip it that day, or post it later in the day, where it won’t push you down the page. 🙂 Have a great Wodin’s Day tomorrow! 🙂 ❤


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