I’m at #StoryEmpire Today and I Hope You’ll Stop By!

As many of you know, I was invited to join the team over at Story Empire, and will now be posting there regularly (about twice a month). Happily, I scheduled several posts ahead, which is helpful while I’m still moving at a snail’s pace around here. And today, I’m beginning my Why Write Wrong? series over there, as a quick and easy way to understand frequently misused words and phrases. Hope you’ll stop by to say hi, and check out it out. I’ll be running this series on Story Empire every two or three posts, and hope it will be a helpful and fun way for folks to learn how to avoid some of these writing errors. I’ve posted a couple of these here over the years, but there are also a lot of new ones coming up. I see these things way too often lately, and I’ve been taking notes. 😀 

Hope to see you there, thanks! 




7 thoughts on “I’m at #StoryEmpire Today and I Hope You’ll Stop By!

    • Thanks, Robbie. I’d like to get off to a good start over there, and wanted to do something quick and fun for my first one. Hope some will find it helpful, and I appreciate your stopping by! 🙂 ❤

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    • Thanks, Pete. Yep, I’m always happy to follow folks who are actively helping writers get the word out, and most especially during the current crisis that’s interrupting all our lives. I will be doing my best to stop by and share for those who respond to your invitation, and maybe even one of these days, I’ll have a chance to put together something for you, myself. But if not, I’m sure I’ll still enjoy visiting your blog any time, and especially while you are helping others. It’s bound to be very useful for many, and I’m hoping to find a minute today to reblog your offer here, too. Thanks for your generosity! 🙂

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