A Special Announcement from Story Empire

EXCITING NEWS ALERT! Please take a moment to check out today’s post on Story Empire. I’m not going to give away the surprise, but let it be known far and wide that I am doing the Snoopy Dance of Great Joy this morning. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the announcement, and will help me spread the news far and wide! I’d like to let the Immediate World know, so having you guys share would make my morning even better than it’s already starting out to be. THANKS from the bottom of my heart, and another THANK YOU to the Story Empire family! 🙂 ❤

Story Empire

Hello, SEers.  Mae here, leading off a splashy announcement. If you’ve followed Story Empire for any length of time, you know we don’t  post on Tuesdays. But we have something so exciting to share we simply couldn’t wait for our regular schedule.

Our blog has been growing—thanks to all of our wonderful readers—and as a result, we’re pleased (read:  jazzed-Snoopy-dance-crazy-happy) to announce the addition of a new SE member/blogger.

Please roll out the red carpet for Marcia Meara!

Dog with silly expression poking head in from side of scree, big grin floppy ears, conveying excitmenent

Marcia is a talented writer, a phenomenal supporter of others, and a dedicated blogger. She’s been blessed with a wonderful sense of humor that routinely shows up in her posts, a zest for life, and a passionate devotion to the craft of writing. I am so pleased to call her a friend, and now an SE colleague. Please join us in welcoming her to Story Empire. Her first post goes live tomorrow…

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14 thoughts on “A Special Announcement from Story Empire

    • Thanks so much, Jeanne! I’m really happy to be part of the SE family, and look forward to my twice monthly posts over there. I’ve followed the blog for some time, and the Story Empire folks share a ton of good information on all aspects of writing, publishing, and marketing. Hope you’ll enjoy checking them out, if you aren’t already familiar with the group. 🙂 ❤

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    • Thanks so much, Staci! And it’s always better these days if I restrict my dancing to my head, too! 🙂 First, it’s not a pretty sight anymore 😀 , and secondly, there’s always the added element of a possible fall. 😯 Been there, done that, and no thanks to any more of those! 😉 I’ll stroll slowly and carefully down the red carpet instead, but I’ll be just as happy about it! 😀 ❤

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    • Gosh, I hope not–even though I didn’t even know I was amazing you to start with! 😀 Seriously, I’m pretty much amazed about this, myself. I’ve followed the blog for sometime, and Mae Clair and I have become special friends, especially over some of our shared reading addictions (like Preston & Child’s Pendergast books), but it never occurred to me I might be invited to become part of Story Empire. I’m really happy about that! (Praying I can find another ten or twelve hours in each day to keep up with my schedule, but still totally HAPPY!) 😀

      Thanks, Darlene! Glad you stopped by today and took a moment to comment, too! 🙂 ❤

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    • Thanks, Bette! I’m looking forward to being part of Story Empire! And I tried to respond to your comment over there, too, but the thread had run out of “Reply” buttons. 😯 So I just Liked it, instead! But thanks for checking it all out. 😀 ❤


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