It’s Good For What Ails Ye!

My life has been so hectic lately, I’m behind on every single thing. This is probably not at all uncommon for most of us, especially those, like independent authors, who have to wear multiple hats at all times. But I realized this morning that by Thor’s Day, we all need a laugh even more than that fourth or fifth cup of coffee. (Or in my case, tea.) So with that in mind, I’m bringing back #ThorsDaySmile for your viewing pleasure. Here are a few things that made me laugh recently. Hope they jump start your day with a smile, too. Enjoy! 😀

There! Now go about your day with a big grin on your face. It’ll make people wonder what you’re up to! 😀

35 thoughts on “#ThorsDaySmiles

    • I’m working on it, Darlene. My current plan is to wean myself off of needing sleep at all. I’m down to 4 or 5 hours a night, so far. 😯 Any lower, and I can’t function, but it seems a shame to waste so many hours out of each day in a near-comatose state, doesn’t it? Science should work on this! 😀

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    • Probably not, if you’re SUBTLE. We tend not to recognize those weird things about ourselves. (That’s my theory, anyway.) 😀 I say go for it! I dare ya! The worst that can happen is the start of a family feud, right? 😀

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    • Ha. Yes, I can identify with that, too. We are currently living with SIX cats until we can get my daughter’s two out to Denver, so it’s even worse than usual. But they are all so loving and funny, and have such distinct personalities. I love every one of them. 😀 Glad you enjoyed today’s selection, Joan! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 ❤


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