What is Your Style of Learning?

Cool post on Story Empire today about how we learn. Mae Clair has done a great job of explaining the different ways people process new information, something I’ve always been interested in. Check it out and see which profile fits you best. Then pass it along so others can enjoy too, if you would. Thanks, and thanks to Mae for such a fun and informative post! 🙂 ❤

Story Empire

Hi, SEers! Mae here on a cold February day. If you happen to live in the southern hemisphere and are enjoying beautiful temperate weather, please bottle some and send it up north! Winter doldrums aside, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at learning. Bear with me as I make the loop from point A to point B, because there’s a small hike in between.

Starting with Point A
For the last few years, I have—on and off—been trying to learn Spanish. Fortunately, there are numerous apps and products to help with language learning, and lately I’ve buckled down. One of the programs I looked into favors speaking Spanish words before learning to write them.

Think about it—when you were a baby, you formed words by mimicking what you heard. You learned to speak before you learned to write. And, herein, lies a problem for me, because…

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7 thoughts on “What is Your Style of Learning?

  1. Came late to this one but would like to add that my experience chimes with Mae’s. I’m clearly a reader/writer and have the notebooks to prove it! I hadn’t thought about it before now, but yes, they have to be handwritten despite my use of the keyboard for so much else. I have used audio tapes for languages (including Spanish) but the need to also write down the rules and the patterns is impossible to resist. I’ve always written notes but their additional benefit now is that my failing memory needs the back up…

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    • Better late than never, Trish! (I made that up, you know. 😀 😀 😀 ) Seriously, this is an interesting topic, isn’t it? I’m that 50/50 visual/verbal person, but I haven’t handwritten a note to myself (other than the grocery list on the fridge) in decades! I have a post it app on my pc and another on my iPhone, and use those for reminders. And my hearing prevents me from doing as much learning via audio these days. I’ve enjoyed learning more about you and other online buddies on this subject. It’s amazing how many of you do rely on copious notes. Thanks for stopping by and adding your thoughts on the matter! 🙂 ❤


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