#GuestAuthor Teri Polen on Her #NewBook Subject A36

Happy Thor’s Day, everybody! I’m pleased to announce we have a guest blogger today on The Write Stuff, and I know you’ll all help me welcome author Teri Polen. Teri’s going to share a bit about her soon-to-be-released book, Subject A36, and I know you’ll be intrigued, and will want to let all your friends on social media know about this one. Thanks!

I love her skin tone. 

What I wouldn’t give to have hair that color.

I always wanted blue eyes the color of the ocean.

Most of us have coveted physical attributes possessed by others and have made similar statements.  It’s rare to come across someone who wouldn’t change something about their physical appearance if given the opportunity.  But what if there was a way? 

Genetic engineering is the direct manipulation of an organism’s genes using biotechnology.  Most of us know our food is genetically modified.  One source I found estimated that more than 75% of processed foods in supermarkets contain genetically engineered ingredients.  That’s kind of scary to think about. 

But what about people?  Gene-editing trials involving terminally ill adults are ongoing.  In 2015, doctors received permission to use an experimental form of gene therapy on a one-year-old girl using genetically engineered immune cells from a donor after all conventional treatments failed. Within a month, the cells had killed off all the cancerous cells in her bone marrow.  What a miracle!

In 2019, a Chinese scientist revealed he’d secretly altered the genes of twin girl embryos in an attempt to make them resistant to their father’s HIV infection.  This sent the scientific community into an uproar, the scientist’s experiments were declared illegal, and he was sentenced to prison for three years. 

Ironically, this scientist’s illegal actions came to light more than a year after I’d started writing my new book, Subject A36 (The Colony Series #1) releasing February 13th, 2020.  Reading about that scientist gave me goosebumps.  Most countries have laws against certain types of gene editing, but in the world of Subject A36, there are none.  Genetic engineering to obtain desirable physical attributes or characteristics is commonplace for wealthy citizens of The Colony.  And a potential death sentence for people who live outside those walls. 

Subject A36 is a sci-fi/fantasy/dystopian novel—but the actions of the Chinese scientist make me wonder if something similar to this scenario will really be sci-fi in the not too distant future.  Do you have goosebumps now? 


If genetic engineering could guarantee you and your family perfect health and unparalleled beauty, would you pay top dollar for it? Would you kill for it?

Residents of the Colony would. And do.

Only the Insurgents can stop them.

Seventeen-year-old Asher Solomon is a premier operative with the Insurgents. He and his team have rescued countless hostages, saving them from painful deaths in Colony labs as desirable genetic traits are stripped from their bodies.

He’s also suffered more losses than anyone should have to.

Then Asher gets intel that might give his people the upper hand. The Colony is searching for Subject A36. If the Insurgents determine the subject’s identity first, they might be able to turn the tide of the war.

Asher and his team embark on their riskiest mission ever, and the stakes have never been higher. But even if he survives the physical dangers, the devastating secrets he uncovers might destroy him.

Pre-Order Subject A36 HERE

Author Teri Polen

Teri Polen reads and watches horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.  The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, and anything Marvel-related are likely to cause fangirl delirium.  She lives in Bowling Green, KY with her husband, sons, and black cat.  Her first novel, Sarah, a YA horror/thriller, was a horror finalist in the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.  Visit her online at www.teripolen.com

Contact Links:
Website:  https://teripolen.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TeriPolenAuthor/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/TPolen6
Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/16114393.Teri_Polen
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/tpolen6/
Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/teripolen/
BookBub:  https://www.bookbub.com/profile/teri-polen

41 thoughts on “#GuestAuthor Teri Polen on Her #NewBook Subject A36

  1. Reblogged this on Books and Such and commented:
    I’m over at Marcia Meara’s blog today – she graciously offered her blog to help promote Subject A36. Drop by to read the latest about genetic engineering – it may give you chills. While you’re there, check out Marcia’s books. She’s written more than one highly-rated suspense series, and I’ll be starting the second book in her Wake Robin Ridge series soon.
    I can’t wait to meet Rabbit – reviewers rave about him!

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    • It was absolutely my pleasure to share the news about Subject A36, Teri! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed several of your books and I’m really looking forward to this one. Genetic engineering sounds positively chilling to me, though I can see where it could be used for good. Still, what a lot of power to be in the hands of mere human beings, eh? So much potential for things to go very, very wrong. Can’t wait to see how you’ve dealt with the subject.

      And I’m so glad you are eager to meet Rabbit. Almost all of my readers tell me he’s their very favorite character, and he’s certainly fun to write. I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the series (which seems to belong to him, now).

      Best of luck with the release of this intriguing new book, Teri! And thanks for being my guest today! 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • “in the hands of mere human beings” is right, Marcia. Much of it is chilling, but a lot of good could also be done. I just finished reading a book where an artifical intelligence took over running the world and making decisions because of the mess mankind made.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m going to have to check this out. Sounds very interesting. John Brunner (I think that’s his last name), wrote a book years ago called Total Eclipse. In it, we find a world that once hosted an incredible civilization. Of course they’re very interested in trying to figure out what happened to these people. It seems they genetically engineered themselves out of existence.

    Genetic Engineering is an incredible tool. Unfortunately, so’s TNT. If we’re not careful, both have the capacity to blow up in our faces.

    Liked by 2 people

    • My thoughts (fears) exactly, Will. And this book sounds super intriguing, doesn’t it? I’m looking forward to reading Teri’s take on genetic engineering, and it was a pleasure to have her visiting here today. Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to comment. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    • You’re so right, William. Without regulations, there’s no telling what some scientists would do. Genetic engineering can be used in many positive ways, but as with most things, there’s also a downside.

      I’ll have to check out that book – sounds like something I’d enjoy!

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  3. Fascinating new take on the topic, and all to possible, sadly.
    I have a short story in the anthology ‘The World and the Stars’ that looked at the idea of second class citizens who were genetically engineered to perform specific tasks on a generational world ship – again, not an impossibility at all with gene splicing techniques – something that was touched on in my university studies, even as far back as the 80s.

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    • Your short story sounds fascinating, Deborah! Genetic engineering has been around for quite some time, and what seemed like science fiction years ago is sometimes not out of the realm of possibility today. Thanks for stopping by!

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  4. What a fascinating post! And the strides made with cancer treatment makes me hope there will be more study devoted to using genetics. It is disheartening to learn that about food, though. Yet another reason to stay away from processed stuff.

    Wishing Teri all the best with her new release. Subject A36 looks awesome!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’ve read several of Teri’s books, Kass, and I really enjoyed them, so this is definitely on Pre-order for me already. 😀 Glad you were intrigued, and hope you’ll give it a try. 🙂 ❤


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