Book Review: Finding Hunter by @MarciaMeara #bookreviewtuesday

A Triple Play today! In addition our normal #ShareAReviewDay two-fer, I’m also sharing a wonderful review by Mae Clair of my 2nd Riverbend novel, Finding Hunter. Mae chose this one for her #bookreviewtuesday post, and I’m really pleased to reblog it here today! Hope you’ll all check it out, and if it sounds like something you’d enjoy, I also hope you’ll check out the full blurb on Amazon. Thanks for passing this along on social media, and a special thanks to Mae Clair for her wonderful comments on Finding Hunter. πŸ™‚ ❀

From the Pen of Mae Clair

Hello and welcome to another Book Review Tuesday. If you enjoy character-driven fiction layered with family drama, angst, and romance, boy do I have a book for you! My review follows, but you can click the Amazon link to read the blurb and learn more about this fabulous story.

Book cover for Finding Hunter by Marcia Meara shows open journal with pen, cup of tea in backgroudFinding Hunter
by Marcia Meara

Hunter Painter is the youngest of three brothers. Forrest and Jackson have always been more outgoing, a little rough-and-tumble, and clever with the ladies. By contrast, Hunter is reserved, a bit on shy side, a gentle soul whose feelings run deep. He has been in love with Willow Greene since high school, but far too inhibited to approach her. Years later, when a friend gives him a nudge and he finally does, he discovers Willow has harbored the same feelings for him just as long.

The bliss of discovery is short-lived, however, when their love is…

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13 thoughts on “Book Review: Finding Hunter by @MarciaMeara #bookreviewtuesday

    • And you will be my BFF for saying that, Mae, since you (and everyone who’ll hold still long enough to listen) know by now, he’s my favorite of all my characters. He has been since his scene in the parking lot with Maggie in Swamp Ghosts. I knew then he was going to get his own book! πŸ™‚ So glad you like it, and that you gave it such a splendiferous review! I’ve been feeling inspired for hours! πŸ˜€ Between reading the great review of your Eclipse Lake, and the super review of Joan’s Unclear Purposes, and this review of Finding Hunter, it’s been inspirational all day long! Let’s hear it for writing stories that draw people in! It’s the best job in the world! πŸ™‚

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    • Good to know, Darlene, and I SO hope you enjoy it when you find the time. Hopefully Hunter will touch your heart, and his journey, though filled with both sadness and joy, will be one you’ll be glad you took. πŸ™‚

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