#WriteStuffWednesday – What’s Up?

I figured since it looks like we are in the dreaded “Cone of Error” for Hurricane Dorian, today might be a good day to introduce a new feature I’ll be sharing from time to time. Wednesday is not a day I have anything special scheduled for guests, nor for my own posts, so I think it will be perfect for me to use now and then to catch you guys up on what I’m up to, or to talk about all sorts of subjects. I’m thinking it might run the gamut from personal observations, to funny events, to writing-related to subjects I just want to talk about. Whatever is on my mind. We’ll see how it goes.

Today, I want to talk about living in the path of danger. Many of us do end up in hurricane, tornado, flood, or earthquake-prone areas. Me, I’ll take hurricane-prone any day over earthquakes. Unlike with quakes, we get quite a lot of notice when a storm is approaching and can take steps to batten down the hatches, stock up on supplies, or even get the heck outta  Dodge–whichever seems more prudent at the time. What we can’t afford to do here in Florida is ignore the warnings until we no longer have any good options.

Having had Hurricane Irma drop a preposterously big tree on our house, flattening the garage and our new Honda, and tearing up our roof, we are NOT of a mind to take these warnings lightly. We are now stocked up with food for us and the pets, and Mark will be getting gas for our generator. The path of the storm looks like it won’t go directly over us, though again, we are in the an area where we could get clobbered. Either way, the sensible thing to do as of today’s warnings is to at least prepare for loss of power and tons of rain. So that’s our current plan.

IF the situation changes and we are told to evacuate, we will. No hesitation, even though it will mean packing up six cats and an elderly dachshund. We won’t leave them behind, but we won’t stay here and risk our own lives, either.

I had a talk scheduled Saturday at Enterprise Museum, but after conferring with the good folks there, the decision has been made to close the museum Saturday.  My apologies to those who were planning to attend. Stay home and stay safe, instead. Already, several of the museum volunteers have called to say they will be doing storm prep for the next few days, and I wish them well. 

With any luck, Dorian will take a sharp turn to the north east, wander out into the Atlantic and die a quick and lonely death. Please say a prayer for all in its “predicted” path. There is no way to tell what will happen, and I worry greatly for those in the islands off our coast, particularly Puerto Rico, where things are still not back to normal from Hurricane Maria. 

Thanks for any well wishes, and rest assured, I will be here daily, until I’m forced to shut down. Our generator will run the range, the fridge, the little window unit a/c in the bedroom, and a couple of lamps at maximum. But the computer will be unplugged, and the cell phone service might be iffy, too. 

Here’s to Dorian being all bark and no bite, and leaving us ALL alone! And I hope my next #WriteStuffWednesday will be about something a lot less threatening!


Latest Update from NOAA has this storm aimed smack at us. And they are saying it could be a Category 3 now. 😦 I live between the gray “FL” on the map and the black circle with M in it. So, Monday at 8AM might be a bit grim for us. 😯 Will keep you updated as I learn more.


31 thoughts on “#WriteStuffWednesday – What’s Up?

  1. Generators are great to have we use ours but only have limited things on it, too. Earthquakes are scary but I don’t worry about them, but you are right you have a warning with storms. We have a red flag warning here today with fire with wind and dry lightening strikes. Hopefully all the warnings are just warning for everyone!
    I am sending prayers and hope for you safety.

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    • Thanks, Denise. I just added an update to the bottom of this post with the latest map from NOAA showing the predicted trajectory of Dorian. Eeeeeeeek. I SO hope it swerves away and leaves us the heck alone. It could even impact the panhandle and that area is still devastated from the last big one! I don’t know, though. The very though of the ground under my feet being unstable terrifies me. I’m always thinking I can outrun a storm, if I’m lucky, but cracks running through the earth, swallowing buildings? *shudder* I guess it’s a case of the devil you know, eh?

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  2. Oh no! Not another one. I don’t think my nerves could stand it. I’m reassured to hear that you’d shut up shop and leave if necessary. At least you don’t need to worry about Erin and family this time.
    Well, I’ll be tracking the storm from here and trying to push it mentally into an area where it can do least damage. Everything’s crossed for you. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Thanks so much, Trish! I appreciate your keeping us in your thoughts and well wishes, and crossing everything, too. 😀 I’ve been through more hurricanes than I can remember, and Irma (2 years ago on 9/10) was the only one that caused more than downed tree limbs here and there and lots of debris to sweep up. We’ve been incredibly lucky compared to many who took dreadful hits. I’m hoping Irma was ours, and we’ll be skipped over this time. Actually, I’m hoping the dang things goes away and leaves everybody, everywhere alone! 🙂 ❤

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    • Thanks, Harmony! We’ll take all the crossed fingers and toes you can spare! 🙂 We’ve been through a lot of these, but as Irma proved, we are vulnerable, too. I thought I was going to write all day today, but instead have been busy ordering canned goods, pet food, batteries, and other essentials. The crowds at the stores are already stripping the shelves. 😯 Will keep you posted on how we’re faring! ❤

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    • We have a cluster of smaller trees in the back yard that I have been trying to get some prices on removing, and or trimming properly. NOTHING like the giant that fell on us. They are tall, but not so very big around. However, I’m going to be worried sick about one of them coming down across our bedroom until this danger is over.

      I’ve had some guys take quick looks and recommend trimming weight from one side to lessen the chances of them falling toward the house, but this time of year, getting anyone out is very difficult. But it WILL happen, as soon as this storm is gone. Assuming Dorian doesn’t push them over for us. (I’ve had to convince my husband they should be thinned and trimmed at all, so that’s been the main delay.)

      Will let you know how we fare! 🙂

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    • I’d never leave them behind, though the thought of driving more than 20 feet with all of them (crated) in the car is pretty daunting! Mark says we aren’t going, so it might be a pointless worry. But I’m reserving judgement another day or two. *sigh* I reallyreally hate this! 🙂

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    • Working on that, Bryan. Hoping (still!) it will swing up the coast and out into the Atlantic instead of cutting a swath directly across the state, regaining strength in the Gulf and drowning the panhandle, and other vulnerable areas along that coast. I can’t count how many I’ve been through in my lifetime as a Florida native, but I never, ever take them for granted. And this one has me very nervous after our last encounter. Thanks for the well wishes! 🙂


    • Thanks, Bette! It’s been looking worse and worse all day, but it can still veer off into the Atlantic, and that’s what we’re all praying for. NOBODY needs another one of these! Will keep you all posted! 🙂 ❤

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  3. I’m late seeing this. First, I like the idea of your Wednesday posts. I want to start something on my own blog for Wednesday and spent last night thinking about it.

    Next, I hereby declare a pox on Dorian. This totally sucks. I’m worried about you down there. I think the museum made a smart move in cancelling the talk,and I so respect you for intending to take your cats and dog if you’re forced to evacuate. Too many people would leave them behind.

    I’ll be praying for your safety! {hugs} ❤

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    • Thanks so much, Mae! And yep, I was glad the museum decided to close. Too many people have a lot of prep work to get done, and some of them will have to do it that Saturday. No way would I ever leave animals behind! I confess, though, a car trip with 6 cats and an old dog is a nightmare scenario. But not as big a nightmare as abandoning them to their fate while I rush away to find someplace safer. That’s NOT gonna happen. Of course, it’s probably a moot point, since Mark says he’s not leaving unless it’s a mandatory evac, and that’s never happened where we are. Along the coast, yes, and I’m sure they are already getting word to be prepared to go. But here in the middle of the state, even when it’s coming right at us, it’s usually voluntary. So, I fear we will be huddled in the family room, where we have concrete block walls around us and no tree directly overhead. The eight of us will have a dandy time, I’m sure. 🙂 Thanks again for the prayers and well wishes. SO appreciated!!! ❤

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