#FirstLineFriday Submissions Are Now Closed – Here is Our Winner & The Answer to Today’s Quiz!

Thank so much to everyone who racked their brains over today’s #FirstLineFriday opening line. I had no idea this one would be quite so challenging, but I hope you all agree that as first lines go, it’s amazing. Not having read the book myself, I didn’t recognize it either, but now that I’ve studied the wonderfully creative wording, I will soon be rectifying that. Not sure how I’ve missed it this long, anyway.

Before I announce today’s winner, I just want to remind you that half of the fun of this quiz (at least for some of us) is taking a moment to study the sheer genius behind some of the greatest opening lines in literature. This one was on almost every list I looked at, and as soon as I read it, I saw why. I hope it resonates with you as much as it did with me, and you read the book, if you haven’t already.

Now about that winner. We only have one today, and she slid in as the last seconds were ticking by. Further, she wasn’t even trying to compete. She’s a friend I met on the river tour some years ago, and she just wanted to let me know this was her favorite book. I don’t think she expects a prize, but I’m by-golly gonna be sure SOMEONE gets a prize today, and Anne is it! So to my friend, known around these parts as The Purple Lady (for her favorite wardrobe color), congratulations! 

Now, here’s the answer to today’s quiz:

“My wound is geography. It is also my anchorage, my port of call.” is the brilliant opening to Pat Conroy’s  The Prince of Tides. 

The 1986 book is focused on the destruction that results from keeping an unspeakable family secret. It was made into a 1991 award-winning movie starring Nick Nolte and Barbra Streisand.  

Buy The Prince of Tides HERE

Tom Wingo has lost his job, and is on the verge of losing his marriage, when he learns that his twin sister, Savannah, has attempted suicide again. At the behest of Savannah’s psychiatrist, Dr. Susan Lowenstein, Tom reluctantly leaves his home in South Carolina to travel to New York City and aid in his sister’s therapy.
As Tom’s relationship with Susan deepens, he reveals to her the turbulent history of the Wingo family, and exposes the truth behind the fateful day that changed their lives forever.
Drawing richly from the author’s own troubled upbringing, The Prince of Tides is a sweeping, powerful novel of unlocking the past to overcome the darkest of personal demons—it’s Pat Conroy at his very best.

And that takes care of this week’s quiz. I’m sorry we didn’t have more winners, but the good news is, you have a brand new chance next week, and I’m pretty sure you might even have a bonus book among your choice of prizes. Set those alarm clocks now! And thanks for playing! 😀 ❤


21 thoughts on “#FirstLineFriday Submissions Are Now Closed – Here is Our Winner & The Answer to Today’s Quiz!

  1. It is a powerful book and the movie was well done. One of those stories that stick with you forever. I have been unable to access my emails for a week but wouldn’t have remembered the first line anyway. Upon reflection though, it is an excellent fist line. I look forward to next week’s line.

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    • Thanks, Darlene. Glad you are enjoying these. That line would probably have stuck with me. (Then again, a lot of things that were ONCE stuck in my brain have disappeared in recent years!) It sounds like a powerful book, and I remember thinking years ago I ought to read it, but somehow didn’t get to it. It’s on my radar again, so maybe one of these days, I’ll give it a go. 🙂

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    • Anne’s a super nice lady, and I didn’t even know she visited my blog. I’m happy she won, especially since no one else was picking up on it. But still. Aren’t you impressed by that line? I think it’s amazing! And now I have yet another book on the ol’ teetering TBR pile! 😀 Next week, I just might pick the easiest one I can think of. (No, it WON’T be “Call me Ishmael!” Forget about that! 😀 😀 😀 )

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    • Me, either, but you have to admit, that’s a corker of an opening line! I’ve added it to my TBR pile, but it’s sort of waaaay deeep down, because I have others that have been waiting too long already. 🙂

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