A Word About Research

Some great tips on resources for research from Staci Troilo today. I found it very helpful, and I think some of you will, as well. Check it out and pass it on, if you can. Thanks, and thanks to Staci for these suggestions. 🙂

Story Empire

researchCiao, amici! I should be writing, but I  took a break after I got sucked down the world’s largest rabbit hole.


I don’t mind doing it. In fact, it’s probably kind of a sickness, but I actually enjoy it.

Most of the time.

Not so much when what I need isn’t available anywhere.

Queue the one resource I think we all tend to forget. PEOPLE. I’m pretty lucky. So far, I haven’t found a topic that I couldn’t conquer with a quick search on the web or a call to family and friends.

I have several veterans in my family as well as a few who are active duty. And I have quite a few friends who serve. (It pays to have lived near WPAFB. I met a lot of people who have become resources for me.) These resources have helped with my Nightforce Security Series, my…

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