Writing Your Novel’s Blurb

If you struggle with writing the perfect blurb, this post from Staci Troilo might be just the help you need. I plan to use it as a guide when I rewrite all of mine, for sure. Check it out and pass it along. It’s well worth sharing. Thanks!

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Ciao, amici. We’re wrapping up the Story Bible series of posts today. If you missed one or more of the posts, you can find them, in order of post date, by clicking the following links:

Today, we’re discussing how to write the back-of-book blurb.

writing the blurb

You’re probably wondering why a blurb, which isn’t needed until you’re ready to publish, is something I include in a story bible, which I create before I start writing even the first book in the series.

Three reasons.

One, your blurb covers only the most important and most marketable parts of your story. Keeping that in mind as you write will enable you to stay focused on what the most crucial parts of your story are.

Two, when you have a series, you want all your blurbs to follow the same format. That’s easiest…

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7 thoughts on “Writing Your Novel’s Blurb

    • Glad it was of interest to you, Donna. I plan to rewrite my blurbs, and I definitely intend to use this post as a guide. It’s never too late to change them, especially for eBooks. And really, you can change the copy on the back of your print book as well, in many cases. SO much to learn, isn’t there? But worth the effort, I think. 🙂

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