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  1. Alexa is in the living room; you’re talking to the tuna fish can!! Ha-ha!

    That reminds me of the time I called my mother on the phone. She got distracted when someone rang the front doorbell. When she got back, I heard her saying, “Hello. Hello. Peter, are you there?” The odd thing was it sounded like her voice was coming from a distance. We both got quite a laugh when she realized she had picked up the television remote by accident.

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    • Hahahahaha. I love that, Pete! And it would have been easy for me to have done the same thing when we had a land line with a portable handset. Looked pretty much like our remote, for sure. 😀 So far, though, I haven’t talked to the tuna fish can. Might be because thought it’s been sitting here in the box for several weeks, we haven’t set up Alexa yet. I DO plan to do so, but somehow, there’s always something else I’ve got to do first. 😀

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        • Hurts like you can’t believe for such a small bone! And guess what? I broke another of my smaller toes a couple of years ago the same way, but it broke LONGways, instead of across, from toetip to foot!!! HOLY MOLY, did that hurt! And they really don’t do much for broken toes, except tell you to stay off of them, and don’t wear shoes. Gack! I tend to trip a lot if I’m not extra cautious, because of my trifocals. I can’s see what’s in front of me on the floor! Doh.

          The good news is, I have amazing bone density for the most part. Doctor said she’d never seen anyone my age with such good, strong bones. (Hey, something’s gotta work well enough to hold up for the long run!) 😀 Both my mother and my grandmother had osteoporosis and broke their hips in later life. I am VERY cautious now, but it helps knowing how strong my bones are. Except for those silly toes, of course. 😀 😀 😀

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          • Owie, ouch, ouch! I shudder every time I think about how bad it hurts to pop a toe sideways like that, Kass! And I’m glad yours was the more traditional direction, too, because the other way is even worse. I didn’t even know it was possible!!! I have a podiatrist who has helped me with many things (including two steel pins in my feet), and he said he’d never seen it before. Leave it to me. DOH! But that meme really struck a chord with me, so I had to save it. And share it. (I had a feeling others would appreciate it.) 😀 ❤


    • So glad you enjoyed them, Olga. Me, too, except the small toe thing brought back some memories of very painful trips to the ER! Still, they are small bones to break, in the grand scheme of things. 😀 ❤


  2. Thanks, Marcia. Just what I needed on a wet and stormy day in darkest Pembrokeshire! I always feel a boost from humour that lifts me out of the doldrums and gives me the impetus to do things other than displacement activities – of which I’m master…
    I think I broke my little toe last week sliding off the last step. It’s an impressive colour and rather less flexible than normal. However, to break one longways sounds excruciatingly painful. The Victorians were rumoured to cover the naked legs of furniture for decorum’s sake. Perhaps there’s a market out there for easy-apply padding for those of us with a tendiness to collide with immovable objects.
    ❤ 😀 ❤

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    • Hahahaha. Oh, those Victorians were such cut-ups! Naked furniture legs, huh? How obscene and low-class. Errmmm…wait. I LIVE with those! 😯

      Your idea of padding those legs has merit. Probably not much future, but merit, anyway. 😀

      And though all three times hurt like the dickens (and looked very much like what you’ve described above), the lengthwise one was the absolute worst! But, as injuries go, it may have been painful, but it didn’t cause any lasting (noticeable) damage, so I still consider myself pretty lucky. (Not as lucky as I would have been to have avoided it, of course, but still, pretty lucky.

      And we have GOT to catch up, Trish! I’m making (yet another) note to myself to email you very soon!

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        • I honestly thought you did it on purpose, and I thought it was funny. I make up words all the time, and it seemed to me like this one fit. 😀 See, you shouldn’t have told me. Now I know it was just a mistake, and I might have to laugh at you, instead of thinking how clever you were. 😀 😀 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Ah, but DID he/she leave it under the bed? Or the kitchen sink? Or the apple tree? Or ANYWHERE at all. The fun (and torment) is in the guessing, and just think of how many giggles you could get as you watch from on high as all the frantic searching and scrambling begins. 😀

      Glad you enjoyed them, Norah. I save so many funny things just to brighten my own days, I might as well share them when I can. 😀 ❤

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    • Good plan, Darlene. Please keep us posted on whether or not your sales numbers take a huge leap upwards! I’m picking out my own pen names even as I type. (I’m quite versatile that way. 😀 )

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