Central Florida’s Fantastic Owls

It’s been a crazy busy week, with lots going on, as usual, but today, I’m off for some fun! Yeah, I had to put a LOT of work hours into the slide presentation I’ll be doing, but  when I see so many smiling faces in the audience (some new, some old friends), it’s immediately worth every minute.

This is #11 in my Central Florida’s Fabulous Wildlife series, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. If you’re in the area, come on by. It’s FREE, no reservations required. 

Where: Enterprise Museum, 360 Main St, Enterprise, FL (286-259-5900)
When: Today, 1:00pm to 3:00pm 
Why: Because–FUN! (And a chance to learn how to identify the owls that call Florida home. )

Hope to see you there!

24 thoughts on “Central Florida’s Fantastic Owls

    • Thanks, Darlene! I hope you’re right, but honestly, the folks who come to these presentations are so nice they make every one of them fun! Yes, owls are special birds with the most remarkable of adaptations. I’m pretty familiar with all of ours, but I can tell you, researching for this program taught me a LOT of new things. For instance, did you know that barn owls have asymmetrical ears? The left one is situated above the plane of the eyes, and the right one is lower. This is one reason why their ability to locate prey by sound is the best of any animal that’s ever been tested. Nature. Ya gotta love it!! No, seriously. Ya GOTTA. I insist! 😀 😀 😀

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        • See? I knew you’d like it! 😀 Yes, of course you may use it. I found it on one of my many bird research sites–possibly Cornell or NatGeo. Maybe even Audubon. It’s also on my iBird App–an app I wouldn’t be without, loaded with info, range maps, sounds, and more. So spreading the word is a good thing. Makes the owls that much more interesting, I think.

          I haven’t yet discovered if they are the only owls with this adaptation, but I suspect they might be. I know the facial feather “disk” aids in directing sound to their ears, but this is true of most, if not all, owls.

          Barn owls are also the widest spread land bird in the world, and are present on every continent except Antarctica. (There are 46 different “races” of barn owl, in a range of sizes and some variation in color.) The North American birds are the largest, more than twice the size of the smallest, which are found on the Galapagos Islands.

          See what happens when you ask me bird questions?? 😀 Hope some of that is useful to you! 🙂 ❤

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    • Thanks, Olga, and I can’t think of anything more fun than having you and lots of other folks I’ve met through blogging show up some day at one of these! We’d have so much fun!! 😀 Who knows? Maybe it will happen someday. 🙂 ❤


    • The little classroom at the museum was filled, and they were a super group! I always enjoying sharing my love of nature, and owls are especially interesting and beautiful. 😀 I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to do these events at two of our area’s wonderful venues, the Enterprise Museum and DeBary Hall. Blessings come along when you least expect them! 😀 ❤

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    • Thanks, Sarah. It went very well, and was truly a lot of fun. Everyone was laughing, and oohing and aahing over photos, and asking all the right questions. I had some pretty good tidbits of info tucked in there that made their eyes pop wide now and then, too. I LOVE it when everything comes together right and the audience is having as much fun as I am! 😀


    • Thanks, Staci. This was actually presented this past Saturday and it went super well! So much fun! I’m going to try to do a post on it later on, if I have a few extra minutes. But I appreciate the well wishes just the same. 🙂 ❤

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  1. I’ve loved the wildlife snippets you’ve put up in the past – informative, amusing and pitched at the right level. I’m sorry I can’t witness one of your talks first hand as I know I’d have a great time along with everyone else. Perhaps I’ll find myself in Florida sometime soon and I’ll beat a path to your door!
    I love owls, too. I have little wooden ones dotted around the house and perched on shelves behind my desk. I live in hope of them passing some of their wisdom my way…
    Bet you have a great time with the Florida Black Bear presentation. 🙂 ❤

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    • Thanks, Trish. Oh, I hope you DO beat a path to my door someday! We’d have a great time! And I’m glad you enjoy my wildlife snippets. The owl program was a lot of fun and turned out great, but sadly, I have to reschedule the bears. I’ve run into some complications with changing my meds, and I’m not feeling well. Nothing serious (yet). Just dizziness, mostly, which is preventing me from driving for now. Once we get the meds worked out, I’m sure all will be back to normal, and we are planning to reschedule the bears this fall, if possible. 🙂 Meanwhile, I’m taking a day or two off and being lazy. 😀

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            • I’m hoping I WILL feel like writing, honestly. If I do, I’m going to, because when I don’t have a hundred other things on my mind, I find writing extremely relaxing and enjoyable. 😀 But if I’m still dragging around, I’m not going to push myself. And btw, it does my heart good to know you’re eager for more of Rabbit’s latest adventure. 😀 ❤


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