I’m BACK! (I think.)

At the risk of jinxing myself, just want to let everyone know my computer is up and running again. So far. It seems the cable company was doing some work/upgrading in the neighborhood yesterday, which is probably a good thing. (It could have been a “perfectly fine” thing, had I known and been prepared for it, but that’s another story.)

At any rate, everything is working well this morning and hopefully will continue to do so throughout the day. Week. Month. Year. For all time! 😀 I am having to do a fairly large email dump, as I can’t hope to catch up with everything that came in, but I’ll try to snag the critical stuff. And please forgive me if I miss responding to some comments here and there on the blog. 

Overall, though, this day is starting out much better than yesterday, and I’d like to think it will continue to go relatively smoothly. (I tend to hyperventilate and tear at my hair when computer issues crop up. If it happens again any time soon, I could end up blue in the face and bald! 😉 )

Thanks for your patience and understanding. Things happen. Life goes on. 

22 thoughts on “I’m BACK! (I think.)

    • Haha. I guess that means I’m usually the instigator. 😀 Seriously, I figure the world will keep on spinning, whether I’m here to comment on it or not. 😀 And in the grand scheme of things, losing my computer/internet access for a day is pretty small stuff. (But you wouldn’t have convinced me of that yesterday! 😯 😥 )

      Good to be back!

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    • Yes. The deepest, darkest pits I know of that don’t involve actual physical pain or imminent demise! 😯 So glad to be connected to the world again! 😀 (Or else how could I discuss my fixation with A. X. L. Pendergast with you????) 😀 😀 😀

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        • OH, yeah. I’m well into the next one, and things are a mess, once again. 😯 Poor Pendergast. And Poor Vincent, too. He always seems to catch the brunt of this stuff, and yet, he remains an loyal and true friend, through and through. There’s a lot to be said for that. 🙂

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  1. Yay, glad it’s all working again, Marcia! I understand your offline anxiety fully, and hated the idea of having to be away for 3 weeks for wedding and honeymoon stuff (I know, sad, right?!). I had to keep talking myself down and saying you’ll all be here when I get back, and–of course–you are! Fingers crossed it all behaves itself from here on in 🙂

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    • Now that I write all day long, I don’t get out much, so the computer is my connection to the entire world. Not to mention, my way of making a living. I’m miserable without it, so I can identify with how you felt, no matter what special occasion it might have been. Thanks for understanding! 😀 Let’s hope it’s a long time before we are deprived again! 😀 😀 😀

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  2. OH, hell. I’ve been having connection and computer problems, too. It sucks. There is nothing quite as frustrating as that. And strangley so for someone like me who grew up without technology. *shrugs* Ob la di, ob-la-da! 🙂 Glad to have you back and, honestly, didn’t know you were gone because I wasn’t here. 😉 Here’s to technology behaving itself, my friend.

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    • Happily, you didn’t miss anything by not being here. 😀 I was AWOL, too, and then gone doing my local events. So far, things are back to normal for me, and I hope they are for you, as well. NOTHING is more frustrating than technology deciding to fail just when you need it most! (And it’s ALWAYS “just when you need it most!”) Yes, I’ll drink to technology behaving properly! (I might drink to it twice!) 😀 😉 ❤


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