Anne Goodwin, How D’ya Do?

Come meet Anne Goodwin.


IMG_2270.jpgAnne Goodwin does not run a writing prompt challenge from her blog but her prolific and thoughtful book reviews do challenge her readers to think and to think about what books they might like to read next.

AG square.jpgWhat part of the world do you live in and what should the rest of the world know about your place?

I live in a small town in near enough smack in the centre of England, not far from the birthplace of DH Lawrence and the supposed setting for Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

I’m a forty-minute drive from the Peak District National Park, and drew on one of my favourite walks for a scene of parent-child tension in my debut novel, Sugar and Snails. Nottingham is my nearest city and the main setting for second novel, Underneath. The region’s history of coal mining, and the legacy of the pit closures of…

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3 thoughts on “Anne Goodwin, How D’ya Do?

  1. Always lovely to see a post from you come rolling in, D. As usual, I’ll be stopping by your blog to check it out as soon as I have an extra moment. (Today’s extra busy, as I’m getting ready for a talk on Birds of Prey tomorrow.) Thanks for letting us here at The Write Stuff know when you have another great interview to share! 🙂 ❤

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      • Aw, I’m glad you had a nice family event! Since we just had one a couple of weeks ago, we didn’t plan anything special, but I had a nice and productive day, anyhow, getting my garden closer to being back in shape again.

        Judging by the audience reaction and enthusiasm, I think the bird talk went great. I know it did from my perspective. Super group of people who were really into the slides and asked lots of good questions. (Some took notes. I love when I see that!) And they laughed a lot, in all the appropriate places. I came home feeling very inspired, and glad once again that I’ve chosen to do these talks. Made a couple of new readers, too, which is always nice.

        And you are always welcome here! 🙂 ❤

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