How D’ya Do Buckaroo?

Dudes! Tour Carrot Ranch. Lead Buckaroo, Charli Mills, tells all in this interview.


I am thrilled to have Charli Mills of Carrot Ranch here and so pleased she made room in her busy schedule for this interview. I’m not sure how best to introduce someone you probably already know so I won’t. Here she is, Charli Mills:                                                   

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6 thoughts on “How D’ya Do Buckaroo?

  1. THanks for sharing this, D. It’s a good day for interviews! I’ll be checking this one out shortly, and hope you’ll stop by Don Massenzio’s to check out mine. 😀 Have a wonderful Friday! ❤

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      • Glad you enjoyed it, D! And the last couple of weeks have worn me “slap out” as we say in the south. 🙂 I just had company for a week (grandkids are so much fun) and a family party, too, and now I’m really digging myself out. It was fun chatting with folks over on Don’s site, though, and I’m heading to yours right now. I did “Like” and “Tweet,” but I wanted some uninterrupted time to read the full interview and comment on it. At a glance, it looked to be jam-packed with good stuff. I’ve seen “Carrot Ranch” mentioned all over the place, so I’m looking forward to finding out what it’s all about! 🙂


  2. Thank you! I knew you were slap out these days on top of everything else. I too have been too busy to keep up like I should. We do what we can. Glad you have kicked your cold.
    Yep, Carrot Ranch is a special place, so I am glad if you enjoyed your visit.

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  3. I’m much better, thanks. Still congested and not real energetic, but probably 85% back to normal. MUCH improved, thanks! And working on catching up. (I’m think of having a t-shirt made with that on it. “Working on Catching Up, Folks.” ) 😀


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