More Happy Fall, Y’all – Campfire Ghosts from #SummerMagic

Still trying to convince myself it’s actually October. Let’s see, shorts? Check. Air conditioning on? Check. Sun shining down on sidewalk too hot to walk barefooted on? Check. Hmmm. *Looks at calendar again.* October? Not so sure, but that’s what it says. So, here’s a poem from Summer Magic: Poems of Life and Love. This is from the section entitled “Mac at Ten,” and describes one of many camping trips to the North Carolina mountains with his dad. No wonder Mac grew into a man who never wanted to live anywhere else. Enjoy. (And feel free to pass it it along.)

Campfire Ghosts
     by Marcia Meara

Dark clouds
Hide the silver light
From his wide-eyed gaze.
Night reigns
In blackest glory,
Held at bay only
By the orange firelight.
The trees are gone,
Lost in gloom.
A wall of black,
Except within
The fire’s warm

Sparks rise up,
Twisting high
Until they disappear,
Lost in the darkness,
Only to be followed
By legions more.

Whippoorwills call,
And foxes bark,
And the night settles like
A blanket over all.

Grilled food
Is gobbled down,
Leaving behind only
The sweet scorched
Scent of burnt
He wears a smile
Dressed in melted chocolate,
And licks his sticky fingers

The air turns cooler,
As day is forgotten,
And jewel-bright embers
Glow in heaps of ash.
He’s waited as long
As a young boy can.
Shivering, he asks,
Is it time?

A warm arm
Pulls him close,
Holding him safe,
And he asks again.
Is it time now, dad?

Yes, says his father,
His voice a deep
Familiar comfort
In the ink-dark night.
Yes, I believe it is.
Let me see,
Shall I tell you
A new one?

Will it have
Clacking bones
And eyes that glow?
Will there be cold wind
Whistling through trees,
And bats swooping,
And owls calling?

Of course, says his dad.
All of that, I’m sure,
For isn’t that what
You love the most?

Oh, yes, he sighs,
Safe and warm,
Eyes growing heavy
And sleep close by.
Tell me, dad,
Like you always do.
Tell me a story.

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19 thoughts on “More Happy Fall, Y’all – Campfire Ghosts from #SummerMagic

    • Yes! That’s just what I hoped you’d imagine! 🙂 So glad you enjoyed it, Staci. I have one more autumn poem in Summer Magic, but I’ll wait until later in the month to share it. 🙂 ❤

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  1. This reminds me of the wonderful relationship between Rabbit and Mac and perfectly captures the essence of all that’s right in the world. It made me smile – and I’m off now in seach of some melted chocolate to dress it. Thanks, Marcia. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Mac at ten grew up to be MacKenzie at 40-something, and already knew how to be a wonderful dad. He’d had a wonderful childhood and a solid relationship with both his parents, and his camping experiences with his dad were things he never forgot.

      Now dress that smile in melted chocolate, and don’t forget to lick your fingers! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thanks, Pam. It’s the time of year for toasting marshmallows over an open fire, isn’t it? (Not HERE in Florida, you understand, but in so many other places!) And thanks for the kind comments about my poem. I really enjoy poetry, and have been thinking about putting together another little book of verses before too long. 🙂

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