Maybe We DO All Live in a Yellow Submarine…

A post sure to bring a smile (and maybe a tear) to those of a certain age (like myself) who remember every one of these songs, each from the day it hit the airwaves. Made me smile all over to read it, and after the ongoing drama of this past week, I need all the smiles I can get. How about you? Check it out and pass it along. After all, all you need is love! 😉


pixabay, yello submarineWhen I saw him standing there, I was transported immediately to Yesterday.

Somewhereon Penny Lanewhere blackbirds sing, I fell in love with him.  I promised to be true, just as he asked, even though I was just 17 and not yet a paperback writer.

Now, in a vast concert hall where everyone was twisting and shouting, my best friend, Eleanor Rigby, began to scream.

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9 thoughts on “Maybe We DO All Live in a Yellow Submarine…

    • Wasn’t it just a great little stroll down Memory Lane? 🙂 Thanks for keeping my family in your mind, Judith. They still haven’t gotten the all clear to return home, yet, but we’re hoping it won’t be long. As of the latest info, though parts of Charleston are being flooded and have some roads blocked, trees down, etc, their neighborhood was still okay. Whether that lasts will depend on how long the storm keeps dumping 3″ of rain an hour on them. But for sure, NORTH Carolina took the brunt of this one, and record-breaking floods all the way to the mountains are likely to be coming in the next few days. Rivers are rising and the rain hasn’t stopped. 😦 Do hold those folks in your thoughts and prayers, too. They’re going to need it.

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      • My daughter and husband were supposed to leave last Friday for a much needed “get-away” to Charleston SC for four days! By last Wednesday, everything was canceled. Our thoughts are with all of our Southern neighbors as they weather this storm. Best of luck to your family.

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        • Boy, talk about getting the warnings just in the nick of time! So glad they weren’t already there, though Charleston got off light compared to NC. However, it ain’t over quite yet, as the rain is still falling, and rhe rivers are still rising. But evacuees, including mine, are on their way home to the Charleston area. SO happy that it seems my daughter’s house is undamaged. Seeing houses actually FLOATING in the street (in New Bern, NC) is enough to give anyone nightmares! 😯 My heart goes out to those who took a direct hit. Gload your daughter is safe, and hope they’ll be able to make up for missing this “get-away” soon! 🙂

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