#AutumnTea at Enterprise Heritage Museum

Those who will be in the central Florida area on Saturday, September 22, are hereby invited to enjoy lunch and tea with me, at the Enterprise Heritage Museum, 360 Main St, Enterprise, FL 32725. The tea begins at 11:00, and the cost is $10.00,  Reservations required. (386) 259-5900

Hope to see you there!

13 thoughts on “#AutumnTea at Enterprise Heritage Museum

    • When you have good food and lots of tea, you don’t need TOO much luck. 😀 I’ve discovered the secret to happy audiences! 😉 But thanks, Olga. I hope it will go well, too, and that everyone will have as much fun as I do at these. ❤


  1. Wish I lived closer, I would love to attend! Just discovered your blog and your books. I proofread for a number of e-authors, Sarah Wynde, specifically, whose blog I happened to be reading when I spotted an interview with you. Nice to meet you!

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    • Would love to have you attend, as well. These teas are always so much fun. Lots of good folks there, great food, and of course, plenty of tea. (I always bring at least 10 kinds). Nice to meet you, and hope you’ll visit here often. 🙂

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      • I was attracted to your writing because of your statement about life happening as it should, and that you were in your 60’s before you published your first book. I’ve always believed that things happen for a reason and we are guided in life if we know to look for the signposts. People are brought into your life as they are needed, either for your own path or theirs. I could go on, but I’ll leave you with these thoughts. Looking forward to reading your work.

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        • I also believe people come into our lives for a reason, and the timing is never really an accident. Sometimes we don’t recognize that right away, but in hindsight, it hits us how important a certain moment really was. A quote from my last novella: The world always turned on those split-second decisions, didn’t it? Those small, seemingly unimportant moments that had such far-reaching consequences. Left or right? Keep trying or quit? This or that, now or later, paper or plastic?

          If you get a chance to read my books, I do hope you’ll enjoy them. I didn’t have decades to hone my craft, but I do have the advantage of belonging to a wonderful and supportive online writing community. My goal is to improve with each book, and I hope I’m doing so. I know I’m having a wonderful time, for sure, and I can’t ask for more than that. (Well, I can, actually, but I won’t. Probably. 😀 )

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          • One of the friends who always encourages me to write is another blogger (who got me started in blogging online) that I met in a writing class over 25 years ago. The first time I laid eyes on her I felt the pull of friendship and it was so strong that it scared me. LOL I ‘knew’ this was to be a life-long friend, even though I knew nothing about her. Amazing — years later I confessed to her about my thoughts of meeting her that day and she said she felt the same about me — like we’d been friends in a former life. Her name is Mage Gunthorpe-Bailey and she writes under Blogspot — POSTCARDS — https://urban-archology.blogspot.com/ She’s a very gifted artist and I love her and her husband dearly. He also blogs, but not as regularly as Mage. So very nice to know you! If you ever need anyone to proof your manuscripts, I’m happy to do so, free of charge. In my former life I owned a secretarial and desktop publishing business. I was also a proof-reader/editor and belonged to PEN (Professional Editor’s Network) in San Diego, CA. I have proofed for several e-authors who can confirm my skills. Sincere regards, Carol D. Westover, 23041 Tulip Ct., Tehachapi, CA 93561 (661) 823-7832 (house) tehachap@yahoo.com I’m on Facebook as Carol Westover and as Carol D. Westover (3-dimensional card group). I also have a FB page for our garden railroad, the Sunset Pacific Ry.

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            • Lovely to meet you, too, and I will be checking out the links you shared as soon as I have a minute to catch my breath. I’m behind on all my deadlines right now, due to worrying about my family and Hurricane Florence, and other life interruptions, so my time is limited, but thanks so much for sharing with us. I’ve never met anyone with such a passion for trains before, and I know I’ll enjoy reading more about you. I’m not looking for a proofer right now, but I’ll definitely keep your info on hand. Will check out your FB pages, too. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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