Timeless Echoes – NEW #PoetryCollection from Author Balroop Singh

NOTE to Balroop and ALL: Please accept my apologies for making a mistake on the title of Balroop’s book. (You’d think that even with my terrible vision, I’d have noticed!!)  The correct title is, of course, TIMELESS ECHOES

I love poetry, in all its many variations. I have loved it since I was five years old, and that love has only grown over the years. Therefore, it makes me extremely happy to share Balroop Singh’s newest book, Timeless Echoes–a lovely collection of poems, indeed! Many of you already know Balroop from her friendly visits and support to the online writing community. She’s always there to offer a virtual smile and a word of encouragement, and now it’s our turn to offer the same. I know you’ll all help tell the world that Timeless Echoes is now available! Thanks!


Certain desires and thoughts remain within our heart, we can’t express them, we wait for the right time, which never comes till they make inroads out of our most guarded fortresses to spill on to the pages of our choice. This collection is an echo of that love, which remained obscure, those yearnings that were suppressed, the regrets that we refuse to acknowledge. Many poems seem personal because they are written in first person but they have been inspired from the people around me – friends and acquaintances who shared their stories with me.

Some secrets have to remain buried because they are ours
We do share them but only with the stars
The tears that guarded them were as precious as flowers
Soothing like balm on festering scars.

While there are no boxes for grief and joy, some persons in our life are more closely associated with these emotions. Their separation shatters us, their memories echo, we grieve but life does not stagnate for anyone…it is more like a river that flows despite the boulders. When imagination and inspiration try to offer solace, poetry that you are about to read springs forth.


Moments That Echo 

Each moment is precious
We try to cage it within our heart
Where it perches in perfect rampart
Embalmed by memories!

Moments of love croon around us
Offering eternal passion that blinds
Drowning in the deluge of delusion
Validating ephemeral enchantment!

Moments of joy glisten on the sand of time
Fleeting away faster than dappling light
Peeping through the corridors of life
At the mercy of others’ delight!

Woeful moments smile through strife
Each one stretching far and wide
Into every nerve and sinew
Sneering at our impertinent divide!

Each moment an experience in itself
We grow in its glow to wend and win
Divesting the ignorance of our thoughts
Solace echoing within!

Author Balroop Singh

Balroop Singh, a former teacher and an educationalist always had a passion for writing.  She is a poet, a creative non-fiction writer, a relaxed blogger and a doting grandma. She writes about people, emotions and relationships. Her poetry highlights the fact that happiness is not a destination but a chasm to bury agony, anguish, grief, distress and move on! No sea of solitude is so deep that it can drown us. Sometimes aspirations are trampled upon, the boulders of exploitation and discrimination may block your path but those who tread on undeterred are always successful.

When turbulences hit, when shadows of life darken, when they come like unseen robbers, with muffled exterior, when they threaten to shatter your dreams, it is better to break free rather than get sucked by the vortex of emotions.

A self-published author, she is the poet of Sublime Shadows of Life and  Emerging From Shadows, both widely acclaimed poetry books. She has also written When Success Eludes, Emotional Truths Of Relationships Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited and Allow Yourself to be a Better Person.

Balroop Singh has always lived through her heart. She is a great nature lover; she loves to watch birds flying home. The sunsets allure her with their varied hues that they lend to the sky. She can spend endless hours listening to the rustling leaves and the sound of waterfalls. The moonlight streaming through her garden, the flowers, the meadows, the butterflies cast a spell on her. She lives in San Ramon, California.

Buy Timeless Echoes HERE

Find Balroop on Social Media below:

You can visit her blog at: http://balroop2013.wordpress.com
Connecting links: https://twitter.com/BalroopShado


33 thoughts on “Timeless Echoes – NEW #PoetryCollection from Author Balroop Singh

      • I’m very happy to have you here, Balroop, but so unhappy that I made a mistake on your book title (of all things!) on your very first visit!!! I don’t usually mess up quite that bad, and I hope you will still visit us again in the future. Would love to have more excerpts, for one thing, or any other news you’d like to share. Besides, I need a second chance to get it RIGHT! 😯 😉

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        • Oh Marcia, we all stumble but you have corrected it even before the batting of an eyelid! Sure, I would love to visit you with my book reviews and some of them are already there at Goodreads. My excerpts have been quoted in all reviews and surprisingly, each reviewer has a different favorite. 🙂

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          • Ah, you are as gracious as you are beautiful and erudite! 🙂 Thanks, Balroop. I make lots of mistakes, but I try NOT to make them with other people’s work. As you say, it happens, and you just have to fix it and move forward. Send me a review when you have time, and I’ll add you to the #ShareAReviewDay calendar. You can share reviews as often as you like, over the weeks ahead. I hope to keep this series going a long time. And ANY time you have promos or book news, you are welcome to share those, too.
            Have a great day! 🙂

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  1. Marcia, you have done a marvellous presentation of Balroop’s poems.
    I know her poems well and love them. We share almost weekly on our
    Balroop, I wish you all success and many readers of your last book.
    Be well and we continue listening to nature.


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