#ShareAReviewDay – The Three Things Serial Story by Teagan Geneviene

This morning, I’d like to welcome Teagan Geneviene to The Write Stuff. Teagan is sharing a review for The Three Things Serial Story, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. I sure did! Please remember to share far and wide today. We’ll do the same for you when it’s your turn. Enjoy!


5 Stars A unique and entertaining story set in the 1920’s
of Robbie’s Inspiration

The Three Things Serial Story: A little 1920’s story has a little bit of everything in it – a touch of a romance or two, stolen goods, a kidnapping, a gang of ruthless men and a satisfactory ending. Teagan manages to achieve all of this in a well written and interesting way based on three word prompts provided by readers of her blog each week. I am frankly quite incredulous that a writer can weave three prompts into each episode and still come out with a story that makes perfect sense, entertains and flows. This approach has the added appeal of resulting in quite a unique story line.

The book is set in the 1920’s which I enjoyed as I don’t know that much about life in the US during that time period and it has been fun to find out more about it. The main character, Pip, is a flapper with a great sense of adventure. I didn’t know what a flapper was so I looked it up and it means a fashionable woman during the 1920’s who was intent on enjoying herself and flouting the behavior conventions of the time. Pip definitely fits this definition as an independent young woman with a mind of her own. I liked that Teagan describes Pip as a wholesome girl with a good appetite for food and fun. I thought the fact that Pip was ready to dive into the ice cream during the book was a good thing and it makes her a suitable role model or female readers in our modern world of obsessions with food and extreme thinness.

The story is fast paced and a jolly good read.


The Three Things Serial Story is the novella version of a serial that helped establish my blog.  It is a spontaneously written (“pantser”) story. Everything in it — characters, setting, plot, was driven by “things” left by readers of the blog Teagan’s Books, episode by episode. Each week readers left three more things. The story evolved according to what those random things inspired. The serial began with oscillating fan, which brought me the vision of the 1920s setting. The era and narrator continued in two more serials that followed. While it was not great literature, it sure was a fun ride!  Here’s a trailer to put you in a Roaring Twenties mood.

Many readers asked me to provide the serial as a book, and that’s what I’ve done with this novella.

Author Teagan Geneviene

I’m Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene and I write fantasy fiction.  

Though I wasn’t born there, I was enchanted by the desert southwest of the USA when I moved there.  Now a resident of a major east coast city, I long to return to those enchanting lands.  

When did I start writing seriously?  I had always devoured fantasy novels of every type.  Then one day there was no new book at hand for reading — so I decided to write one.  And I haven’t stopped writing since. 

My work is colored by experiences of my early life in the southern states and later in the southwest.  Major influences include Agatha Christie, Terry Brooks, David Eddings, Robert Jordan, and Charlaine Harris.   

Most often I write in the fantasy genre, but I also write 1920s mysteries and Steampunk.  My blog, “Teagan’s Books” also features serial stories spontaneously written according to “things” from viewers.  

Buy The Three Things Serial Story HERE

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31 thoughts on “#ShareAReviewDay – The Three Things Serial Story by Teagan Geneviene

  1. An intriguing construct, Teagan! It takes real creativity and a sense of adventure to weave such random suggestions into a book in a way that seems to effortlessly work – in my experience, anything that looks effortless involves a great deal of graft. I’ll certainly pass this on to my daughters who I think will love it.

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    • Hi Trish! Thanks so very much. I realize “pantsering” particularly to this extreme isn’t for every writer, but I enjoy the challenge. I had to develop a method of tracking everything, so I could pull it together at the end.
      I’m grateful to Robbie, Olga, and Christoph for their reviews on this novella.
      Thanks for commenting. You’re the cat’s pajamas!

      Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Olga. Thanks so much for commenting. Your reviews all hang on the wall in my office at work. 😀
      I’m delighted that you enjoyed the books, and honored that you visit my blog.
      Today I’m working on the cover for Atonement in Bloom! You’re the cat’s meow!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much, Teagan, for taking part in #ShareYourReviewDay here on The Write Stuff. So glad to have you visit us, and I know everyone will enjoy learning more about you, your writing, and your reviews. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Marcia, it’s my great pleasure. Thank you for hosting me. It seems like so long ago when I wrote this novella (and Atonement, Tennessee too) that I felt the story got new life when Robbie reviewed it. As she has recently started doing book reviews at her blog, I wanted to share hers.
      It’s such a hot week… I hope you’re keeping cool. Thanks again — you’re the cat’s meow!

      Liked by 3 people

      • You are very welcome, Teagan. It’s been fun getting to know you better, and you are welcome to share more reviews here in the weeks ahead. Also, promos and other news you’d like to get the word out on. That’s a standing offer for writers here, so keep it in mind when you have a new cover reveal or the like. 🙂 ❤ (And I'm glad I'm the cat's meow since I'm a nightgown kinda person, myself, and my cats mostly sleep in the nude. Nude fur, that is. Nary a set of feline pajamas in the house. 😀 )

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hahaha…! You really did make me laugh out loud.

          I actually learned about the background for that phrase. In the 20s pajamas were still a relatively new idea — and were considered rather risque, but cool. The language was so fun then. Hugs to you and the kitties.

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  3. This sure is one hell of an interesting way of creating a story. Reminds me of that game we used to play, where each person gets to write one sentence, but without knowing the one before… I’m off to visit Teagen’s website!

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