30 thoughts on “#MondayMeme #MondayBlogs

    • Those are my favorites, too, Mary. I swear, that last one happens to me every night right before I drop off! I wake up KNOWING I had a brilliant idea, but it’s totally gone. Of course, sometimes that happens to me between walking from the kitchen to my computer desk, too, so you can’t always go by me! 😀

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    • HI, Lynn! I think we writers are so used to be alone in our make-believe worlds, we forget we have plenty of company in the real one. And I saved that one for last because I suspected it would strike a chord with most, if not all, of us. 😀 So glad you enjoyed it! 😀

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  1. Oh Marcia, thanks for the chuckles. The first one reminded me of my school days, where everything was picked apart and the last one is a classic. Hugs for you and I am grateful for the ‘Speak’ option you have highlighted on Word…a marvellous help. Xx

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    • Hi, Jane! So glad you got some chuckles today. (Treasure them! You never know how long you’ll need them to last! 😉 ) And I figured I’d start and end with my favorites of the selection. Glad you enjoyed them.

      I’m really pleased that the post about the “Speak” option was useful to you. Hope you’ll find it as helpful in your work as I do in mine. And thanks for taking the time to stop by for a comment on both posts. Hope you’ll visit often. 🙂

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