Creating an HTML Blog Post

Mae Clair has a very useful post today on how to create an HTML blog post to share on blog tours, etc. Check it out. It’s much easier than you might think. Thanks, Mae!

Story Empire

Hi, SEers! Mae here today with a topic I hope will be beneficial to a number of readers. Many of you may already know this trick, but I hope you’ll indulge me for those who don’t.

Recently, I did a cover reveal, single day blitz of my upcoming release, Cusp of Night. I had sixteen blog stops in a single day. When the book releases, I’ll prepare individual posts for the wonderful bloggers gracious enough host me, but in this case, I was splashing the same content everywhere.

To make it easier on my hosts—and okay, me too—I sent everyone a pre-formatted HTML post. All sixteen blogs were sharing the same content, so I was able to create a template that everyone received. Basically, “look at my sparkly new cover!” Afterward, several bloggers emailed me to inquire how I had created the post.

It’s amazingly easy. Although the steps below…

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8 thoughts on “Creating an HTML Blog Post

  1. Good share – I figured this one out a long time ago by reverse-engineering!
    When I began to host book releases and blasts, lots of them sent ready-made html posts and I realised all you had to do was the reverse process.
    Darn it, I should have thought about sharing the tip, but Mae has done the job neatly.

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  2. Thank you both! Debby, it’s amazing the things we take for granted because we think others already know. It wasn’t until my recent cover reveal when a few bloggers emailed to say “how did you do that” That I thought it would make a good share! 🙂

    And Marica, thanks for sharing with the readers of The Write Stuff. It is super easy to do and also a time saver for both blogger and host! 🙂

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