26 thoughts on “#MondayMeme – #Monday Blogs – Neil Gaiman

    • Thanks, Mae! I do love Neil Gaiman! And thanks on the header, too. You know, I like to change them fairly often, and while Florida themes are what I normally go to, sometimes I want something very different. I was in the mood for ACTION today, and this seemed to work. 😀 Glad you like it. ❤

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    • I agree 100% on Neil Gaiman’s wisdom, and apparent lack of pretention. (Haven’t ever had the pleasure of seeing/meeting him in person to check that part out, but I have high hopes it will happen someday. I’ve heard wonderful stories!) 😀 And thanks on the header. I decided to step away from Florida-related images, and go for some fantasy/adventure/action stuff. Might be in that mood for the next few weeks. We’ll see. 😀

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    • Sorry that it doesn’t work from your screen reader, Patty. They show up as .jpgs of course, so that would explain it. If you email me off list, maybe I can help. *smile* Or message me from Facebook, perhaps.


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