Mary Smith’s Place – Karachi crocodiles

Am re-blogging Karachi Crocodiles from MarySmith’sPlace as I know Marcia likes these wonderful creatures – maybe her followers do, too!

Mary Smith's Place

I apologise for the lack of decent photos to accompany this post. I visited Manghopir several times, taking many photos of the crocodiles and of the shrine, the busy shops around it and of the hot springs but I can’t find them. I suspect they were in the albums thrown out after our previous cat sprayed on them. He had a tendency, after a stray kitten tried to take up residence, to mark everything in the house as his.

The legendary crocodiles that guard the shrine of Saint Mangho (ManghoPir) were piled in a heap, under a tree. They looked very muddy, and suspiciously lifeless. The shrine, or mazar, lies to the north of Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city. There are two springs beside it, one hot, and one cold. Bathing tanks have been provided, for the water is reputed to cure all manner of ailments – from…

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4 thoughts on “Mary Smith’s Place – Karachi crocodiles

  1. I am very happy you shared this with TWS today, Mary! I saw the post the other day, but have been so swamped with last minute hitches in finishing the Irma repairs, I didn’t have time to share, and without the reblog button, I put it on hold. I loved the article, and double checked with my crocodilian records to be sure I could identify this species. They are mugger crocodiles, which are the ones found in that part of the world (India, etc). They are very interesting, I think, and I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Hope everyone checks it out! 🙂

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