My Schedule of Local Events March thru May

Believe it or not, I have had electricians, painters, and contractors to deal with this week, just when I thought I was nearly done with Irma, once and for all. Eeep. Therefore, I’m not really back to normal with my blogging and writing routine. However, I do have a lot of fun events scheduled every month through October.

For those of you in this area who might like to attend, here is a list of the ones open to the public, covering the next three months. Hope to see some of you at one or two of them! 🙂


SAT, 3/10DeBary Hall – Catered Luncheon and Tea 

Time: 11:00  
Cost – $25
Reservations Required by 2/28 (You may choose your lunch selection when you call)Includes luncheon with custom-blended teas, a reading, Q & A session, and a signed copy of one of my books, your choice.
Call (386) 668-3840 for directions or additional information.


SAT, 4/7 – “Meet the Author” EcoTour River Cruise 

Time: 1:30
Cost – $30
Reservations required to hold a spot.
The Naiad departs from Highbanks Marina in DeBary. Your ticket includes full 2-hour tour, plus a short stop midway for a reading and brief Question & Answer session, and a signing back at the dock.
Call (386) 626-9004 for directions and addition information. (Please leave message if they are out on a tour. 

SAT, 4/28Enterprise Heritage Museum – Joint Wildlife Slide Presentation 

Time: 11:00
Cost – $10 (Includes Lunch)
Reservations Required
Joint Wildlife Presentation with Doug Little and Marcia Meara, in conjunction with Doug’s month-long wildlife photography museum exhibit.
Call (386) 259-5900 for directions and additional information.


SAT, 5/12DeBary Hall – Central Florida’s Fabulous Wildlife #2
Wading Birds of the St. Johns River Basin 

Time: 1:00
Cost: FREE
No Reservations Required
A slide presentation featuring the wading birds of central Florida, with plenty of tips on identification, and information on nesting, feeding habits, and more. All you have to do is show up, ready for a fun and informative presentation. Plenty of time for Q&A.
Call (386) 668-3840 for directions or additional information.

16 thoughts on “My Schedule of Local Events March thru May

    • Those are only the public events I have going on this spring. I have private events scheduled between each of them, and I’m booked into October. The sweet thing is, once you do a few public events, people from the audience get in touch later to see if you’ll come visit their group, too. Book clubs, local chapters of AARP and the DAR, and things like that. And it’s SO MUCH FUN!

      Lovely to know you are learning all about Hunter, Forrest, and Jackson. I do think that the 4th book in this series will focus on a brand new character or two, though there will be familiar faces along the way. But overall, I’ve taken those Painter boys about as far as I can. They’ll still pop up from time to time, like Gunn and Maggie do, but it’s time to meet a few other citizens of Riverbend, too. For now, I hope you are enjoying them, and I’ll be interested to see what you think of the strange happenings up on Wake-Robin Ridge. I’m working on Book 4 of that series, then I’ll do a second Riverbend spinoff novella as part of the Emissary series, and then back to my new ideas for Riverbend.

      Not sure how prolific that makes me, but I do know I’m writing like a thing possessed, here! 😀 At my age, I don’t know how many more writing years I have in front of me, so I want to get as many of my stories down as possible! Wasting time is not a good idea! 😀

      Thanks for stopping by today, and hope you have a great weekend! ❤

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    • I do, Robbie! And that’s just the public stuff. I’m taking June off to go stay with my daughter for the birth of my new grandbaby, but I’ll post the schedule for Aug through Dec when I return. It’s all so much fun, I can’t recommend it enough. 😀

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