Walking off the mince pies

Just wanted to let you guys know that Mary Smith has a brand new blog you might want to check out. This first post has some absolutely gorgeous photos. I particularly like one of the sea stack named “Lot’s Wife.” Nice job, Mary, and best of luck with your newest endeavor. πŸ™‚

Mary Smith's Place

Christmas Day (doesn’t it already seem a long time ago?) poured with rain so I was more or less forced to stay indoors eating chocolate and mince pies and watching feel-good films. Boxing Day, however, was bright and sunny so there was no excuse not to head off with the DH on one of my favourite walks in Dumfries & Galloway – Balcary Heughs. This is a great walk at any time of the year, though not if it’s very windy as the narrow path goes along clifftops.

From the village of Auchencairn a single track road leads follows the shoreline to the Balcary Bay Country House Hotel, built in the 17th century by Messrs Cain, Clark and Quirk who ran a shipping – or smuggling – business. The area around this part of the Solway has an exciting smuggling history.

A car park for walkers is situated close to…

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10 thoughts on “Walking off the mince pies

  1. Thanks so much, Marcia. I kept meaning to do something on it for your blog but time slipped away. I’m panicking slightly about how much work I’ve got to do before mid-March – some deadlines are even sooner. Better sort out some blog posts so I don’t get too behind with them.

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    • You’re welcome, Mary. I was afraid to wait too long, lest I forget that I wanted to reblog that post. I know you’ll gain some followers, and whenever you’re ready for more posts, they’ll be waiting. πŸ˜€

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