A New Meme & Catching Up

Wow, the last week has gone by in a blur of electricians, stucco men, and dental appointments. The good news is, my dentist said everything is healing just as it should, but will continue to be painful for a while yet. I can live with that, as long as nothing’s wrong.

The other good news is that MUCH progress on our home repairs is being made, but we have some time to go yet, even though it has been THREE months (and five days, but who’s counting?) since Hurricane Irma came calling. The roofing won’t even begin until after Christmas, so it’s bound to be 2018 before it gets finished up. And just think. Many, many people were left far worse off than we were. So in the spirit of being grateful for what we have, I’m reminding myself how lucky we were.

Today is the first day since the storm I’ve actually been able to start back to work on my 4th Wake-Robin Ridge book. We are waiting on inspections, so there was no hammering and drilling and sawing going on. Yay! I hope to pick up speed on this one as repairs get completed and my jaw stops throbbing.

Last, I’m sharing a meme I made some time ago for a sale. I changed the bottom wording so I can use it at will, and thought I’d use it as another example of a simple graphic made from a portion of my book cover, with a quote from the story added. Hope you guys are giving serious thought to using more images with your books. It’s eye-catching and fun, so give it a try!

Have a great weekend, everyone, in case I’m not around much. Mark and I are still tearing out plants killed by the storm, and doing some long overdue work inside, as well. This ol’ place is getting quite a facelift. When the new roof and new paintjob are done, it’s going to look brand new, just like it did in 1978, when it was built. (Wish I could say the same for me! 😀 )

I’ll be checking in as I can, and I hope you are ALL getting caught up in the magic of Christmas!

Bob the Skull says, “Ho, ho, ho? Has anyone seen that
Dresden guy in the last 3 years?”

That Darkest Place

18 thoughts on “A New Meme & Catching Up

    • Yep . . . waaaaay down at the end of a dark tunnel, I see that glimmer of LIGHT! And for now, it will keep me going. 😀

      I wish oil of cloves would work, but I’m not allowed to put anything at all on the site of the surgery. I’m thinking it could impact the bone grafts, of which there are two, and they have to “take” naturally, I’m told. Pain is annoying, but I can cope with it as long as I know that so far, it is healing well. I might even be able to chew on that side of my mouth again in another week or so. Says the dentist! (Me, I’m not so sure.) 😀 But thanks for the suggestion. I know that’s a good short term remedy for a toothache, but in this case, I’m not allowed anything except ibuprofen, now. (Pain meds ran out, finally.) And truly, the amount of pain IS lessening, so I’ll make it through. Some day. 😀

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    • Giving it my best shot, Mary. Yesterday, I did manage to cover about 1/3 of a chapter, introducing some pivotal new characters. Gonna post it on my beta blog shortly, and see what my readers think of them. 😀 That feels good. Nothing’s gone up there in SO long!!

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