Starting a story III

Great “starting a story” post from Craig Boyack over at Story Empire, and well worth checking out. Also, check out Craig’s links to parts 1 and 2 on the same topic. Lots to think about, here.

Story Empire

Hi, Gang. Craig here again, and I’m back on the topic of starting a story. I also want to weave in the importance of a good notebook. For reference purposes, here are the links to the previous posts. New Story and Media Res.

I get ideas all the time. Most of them are pretty worthless. Other times, I jot a line or two into my phone or iPad and store it away. These can become stories all by themselves, but more often will appear as a situation in something I’m already writing.

Occasionally, I’ll share a vignette on my own blog, and this is what happened back in November. The value goes beyond just entertaining my followers. I have a category in the sidebar called Short Stories and Vignettes. Surprise! It’s another form of notebook for me.

This little story doesn’t even have a title. It’s very short, so…

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2 thoughts on “Starting a story III

  1. It was a good one. And don’t tell him I said so, 😀 , but I think his example made a great “flash fiction” all by itself, with no expansion at all. It made me shiver, and my imagination took off! 😀


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